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21 Days to Self-Discovery Audio CD 978-1-933328-19-5
Assertive Communication Skills for Professionals 978-1-933328-03-41994
Assertive Communication Skills for Professionals: How to communicate powerfully, in a style that's comfortable for you 978-1-55977-290-71998
Border Collie 978-0-00-743668-22011
Border Collie: An Owner’s Guide 978-0-00-727429-12009
Border Collies verstehen
Understanding the Border Collie: The Essential Guide to Owning Border Collies and Collie Crosses as Pets 978-1-874092-86-51999
Understanding the Rescue Dog: All You Need to Know About Re-homing a Dog with a Past 978-1-874092-88-92001Drew Marland

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