Carmen Reinhart

C.R. · Carmen M. Reinhart

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A Decade of Debt
978-0-88132-622-22011Kenneth Rogoff
Assessing Financial Vulnerability: An Early Warning System for Emerging Markets
978-0-88132-237-82000Morris Goldstein · Graciela Kaminsky
Dieses Mal ist alles anders: Acht Jahrhunderte Finanzkrisen
978-3-89879-564-72010Kenneth Rogoff
The Consequences and Management of Capital Inflows: Lessons for Sub-Saharan Africa: Aid Dependency and the Phasing Out of Projects. the Case of ... 978-91-22-01821-61998Guillermo Calvo
The First Global Financial Crisis of the 21st Century - Part I: August 2007-May 2008: A VoxEU.Org Publication
978-0-9557009-3-42011Andrew Felton
This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly
978-1-59659-627-62011Kenneth Rogoff

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