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titleISBN-13year of publication
Learning More About Youth Hunting & Hunter Safety- Handbook/Guide For Everyone978-0-9820960-8-62010
Learn'n More About Boxing Handbook/Guide For Kids, Parents, and Coaches978-0-9820960-0-02008
Teach'in Basketball Guide for Parents978-0-9705827-1-32002
Teach'n Field Hockey Guide For Kids & Parents978-0-9705827-9-92005
The End Zone for Parents978-0-9705827-0-62001
Youth Fencing Drills, Strategies & Games Handbook978-0-9820960-2-42010
Youth Field Hockey Drills, Strategies, Plays and Games Handbook978-0-9820960-4-82011
Youth Ice Hockey Drills, Plays, and Games Handbook978-0-9820960-9-32010
Youth Lacrosse Drills, Plays, and Games Handbook978-0-9820960-5-52009
Youth Volleyball Drills, Plays, and Games Handbook978-0-9820960-7-92009


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