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Barbara Sykes' Training Border ColliesPaperback 978-1-84797-889-92015
Border Collies erziehen und ausbildenGebunden
Border Collies. Richtig verstehen, erziehen, beschäftigen   "
Border Collies. Richtig verstehen, erziehen, beschäftigen   "
Dogs and ChildrenPaperback 978-1-86126-489-32002
The 'Business' of Sewing: How to Start, Maintain and Achieve Success   " 978-0-9632857-5-12005
Training the Sheep Dog   " 978-1-86126-638-52003Thomas Longton
Training the Sheep DogHardcover 978-1-86126-031-41997   "
Understanding and Handling Dog AggressionPaperback 978-1-86126-462-62001
Understanding and Training Puppies   " 978-1-86126-522-72002
Understanding Border ColliesHardcover 978-1-86126-280-61999
Understanding Your DogPaperback 978-1-86126-941-62007
Understanding Your DogHardcover 978-1-86126-387-22001

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