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Agents of Discord: Deprogramming, Pseudo-Science, and the American Anticult MovementHardcover978-0-7658-0323-82006Susan E. Darnell
Bad Pastors: Clergy Misconduct in Modern America   "978-0-8147-8146-32000William Stacey · Susan Darnell
Bad Pastors: Clergy Misconduct in Modern AmericaPaperback978-0-8147-8147-02000William Stacey · Susan Darnell
In the Name of All That's Holy: A Theory of Clergy MalfeasanceHardcover978-0-275-94680-71995
Prophetic Religions and PoliticsPaperback978-0-913757-53-61998Jeffrey K. Hadden
Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective: Revival of Religious Fundamentalism in East and WestHardcover978-0-275-94218-21992Bronislaw Misztal
Rogue Clerics: The Social Problem of Clergy Deviance   "978-1-4128-0704-32007
Secularization and Fundamentalism ReconsideredPaperback978-0-913757-96-31989Jeffrey K. Hadden
Six Perspectives on New Religions: A Case Study ApproachHardcover978-0-88946-983-91981
Spoils of the Kingdom: Clergy Misconduct and Religious Community   "978-0-252-03159-52007
Televangelism, Power and Politics on God's Frontier   "978-0-8050-0778-71988Jeffrey Hadden
The Darker Side of Virtue: Corruption, Scandal, and the Mormon Empire   "978-0-87975-654-31991
The Mormon Corporate Empire   "978-0-8070-0406-71986John Heinerman
Violence, Inequality, and Human Freedom   "978-1-4422-0948-02012Peter Iadicola
Violence, Inequality, and Human FreedomPaperback978-1-4422-0949-72012   "
Wolves within the Fold: Religious Leadership and Abuses of Power   "978-0-8135-2490-01998

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