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Explore your iPad - for seniorsPaperback 978-1-5202-1491-72017
Fundamentals of Human-Computer Interaction   " 978-0-12-504582-71985
Fundamentals of Human-Computer InteractionHardcover 978-0-12-504580-31984
Funology 2: From Usability to EnjoymentGebunden
978-3-319-68212-92018Mark Blythe
Home Informatics and Telematics: ICT for the Next BillionHardcover 978-0-387-73696-92007Alladi Venkatesh · Timothy Gonzalves · Kathy Buckner
Improving Your Human-Computer Interface: A Practical TechniquePaperback 978-0-13-010034-41993Peter Wright · Jeanne Haber · Lora Davenport

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