Andrej Malchukov

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Case Studies from Austronesia, the Pacific, the Americas, and Theoretical Outlook 978-3-11-042935-02015Bernard Comrie
Competing Motivations in Grammar and Usage
978-0-19-870984-82014Brian MacWhinney · Edith Moravcsik
Grammaticalization Scenarios. Areal Patterns and Cross-Linguistic Variation.: A comparative Handbook 978-3-11-055937-82020Walter Bisang
Introducing the Framework, and Case Studies from Africa and Eurasia 978-3-11-033882-92015Bernard Comrie
Oxford Handbook of Case
978-0-19-969571-32011Andrew Spencer · John Anderson
Set Valency Classes in the World’s Languages 978-3-11-044749-12015Bernard Comrie
Studies in Ditransitive Constructions: A Comparative Handbook 978-3-11-022036-02010Martin Haspelmath · Bernard Comrie
The Oxford Handbook of Case
978-0-19-920647-62008Andrew Spencer

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