Alison Young

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Judging the Image: Art, Value, LawHardcover 978-0-415-30183-12004
Judging the image: Art, Value, LawPaperback 978-0-415-30184-82004
Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Human Rights ACTHardcover 978-1-84113-830-52008
Reselection of M.P.'s   " 978-0-435-83371-81980
Sovereignty and the Law: Domestic, European and International Perspectives   " 978-0-19-968406-92013Richard Rawlings · Peter Leyland
Street Art WorldPaperback 978-1-78023-670-42016
The Scene of Violence: Cinema, Crime, Affect   " 978-0-415-58508-82010
The Scene of Violence: Cinema, Crime, AffectHardcover 978-0-415-49071-92009
To Shirk No Idleness: A Critical Biography of Poet Andrew Young: Critical Biography of the Poet Andrew YoungTaschenbuch
978-3-7052-0125-51998Edward Lowbury

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