Alice Mattison

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Conscience: A NovelHardcover978-1-68177-789-42018
Glimmer Train Stories, Issue 56Paperback978-1-59553-005-92005Gina Ochsner · Lucia Nevai · Matt Bondurant · Jimmy Olsen · Sallie Bingham · Abby Frucht · George Makana Clark
Hilda and Pearl: A Novel   "978-0-06-093693-82001
In Case We're Separated: Connected Stories   "978-0-06-093789-82006
In Case We're Separated: Connected StoriesHardcover978-0-06-621377-42005
Men Giving Money, Women Yelling: Intersecting Stories   "978-0-688-15109-61997
The Book Borrower: A NovelPaperback978-0-06-115302-02008
The Book Borrower: A Novel   "978-0-688-17786-72000
The Wedding of the Two-Headed Woman: A Novel   "978-0-06-093788-12005
The Wedding of the Two-Headed Woman: A NovelHardcover978-0-06-621378-12004
When We Argued All Night: A NovelPaperback978-0-06-212037-32012

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