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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-99971-2-008-3Let's Visit Chad
1984978-99971-2-059-5Let's Learn A to Z Alphabet Kids
1981978-99971-2-102-8Rand CorpStudy of Alternatives in American Education Conclusions and Policy Implications/R2170/7
1987978-99971-2-111-0Journal of Accounting Literature
  ''978-99971-2-152-3Charlie WingHousewarming With Charlie Wing
1990978-99971-2-303-9V.C. BuckleyGood Times
1987978-99971-2-328-2Gold of Eldorado: The Heritage of Colombia
1998978-99971-2-392-3Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society
1987978-99971-2-418-0Anthony CordesmanThe Arab-Israeli Military Balance and the Art of Operations
1985978-99971-2-426-5Travel Outlook ForumOutlook for Travel and Tourism: Proceedings, 1985/86
1987978-99971-2-435-71987 Outlook for Travel and Tourism: Proceedings of the U.S. Travel Data Center's Twelfth Annual Travel Outlook Forum
1988978-99971-2-437-11988 Outlook for Travel and Tourism: Proceedings of the U.S. Travel Data Center's Thirteenth Annual Travel Outlook Forum
1997978-99971-2-440-1National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers 1997
1987978-99971-2-470-8Best's Flitcraft Compend 1987 (100th Annual ed)
1968978-99971-2-500-2Jeanette VeatchHow to Teach Reading With Children's Books
1997978-99971-2-532-3Single Image: Number 22
1987978-99971-2-545-3Paul DongThe Four Major Mysteries of Mainland China
1988978-99971-2-547-7Penelope WarnerEncyclopedia of Drawing Techniques
1987978-99971-2-555-2Yachting: A Turn-Of-The-Century Treasury
  ''978-99971-2-561-3H. Rider Haggard: Collected Novels/She, King Solomon's Mines, Maiwa's Revenge and Cleopatra
  ''978-99971-2-566-8QuartoIllustrator's Figure Reference Manual
  ''978-99971-2-568-2WILLIAM SHAKESPEAREWilliam Shakespeare: The Complete Works
1991978-99971-2-569-9The Classic Watch
1987978-99971-2-573-6Frank (editor) OppelTales of New England Past
1974978-99971-2-580-4A. E.Collected Poems
1977978-99971-2-582-8Charles A. MonaganThe Neurotic's Handbook
1987978-99971-2-588-0Lawrence GrowThe Third Old House Catalogue
1987978-99971-2-589-7Raphael SemmesMemoirs of Service Afloat
  ''978-99971-2-592-7Tales of the Capital: Washington, D.C.
1985978-99971-2-596-5Pdp-11 Forth User's Guide
1987978-99971-2-599-6Tim JeffreyPractical Sailing
  ''978-99971-2-601-6Lambert FlorinTrees of the West
  ''978-99971-2-602-3Brian LabanClassic Sports Cars
1981978-99971-2-613-9Joe WeiderThe Best of Joe Weider's Muscle and Fitness
1987978-99971-2-614-6Junior League of Wichita FallsHome Cookin'
1984978-99971-2-637-5Charle Plotnick · Stephan LeimbergGet Rich/Stay Rich
1985978-99971-2-689-4Sweet Dreams Nantucket
1988978-99971-2-694-8Coen GeleinThe Healthy Houseplant Book
1987978-99971-2-696-2Marc ChagallChagall: Haggadah of Passover
1982978-99971-2-713-6Leon ElderHot Tubs: How to Build, Maintain and Enjoy Your Own
1984978-99971-2-725-9John DornbergMunich 1923: The Story of Hitler's First Grab for Power
1987978-99971-2-728-0Introduction to Acrylics
1989978-99971-2-736-5A-Z of Vegetable Variety
1984978-99971-2-745-7All Color Book of Vegetable Dishes
1987978-99971-2-752-5Understanding Picasso
1990978-99971-2-773-0Finishing Touches
1987978-99971-2-778-5Ellery Queen: Masters of Mystery
  ''978-99971-2-781-5Survival Manual
1987978-99971-2-782-2Tales of the Wild
  ''978-99971-2-783-9The Bloomsbury Concise English Dictionary
  ''978-99971-2-784-6Tales of Washington and Oregon
  ''978-99971-2-800-3Deans Tell Me the Answer
  ''978-99971-2-801-0Children's Illustrated Dictionary
1987978-99971-2-810-2David AndersonDog
  ''978-99971-2-819-5Stan SmithThe Figure (How to Draw & Paint Series)
  ''978-99971-2-822-5Lila Gault · Jeffrey WeissSmall Houses
1985978-99971-2-827-0Learn to Paint and Draw
1987978-99971-2-831-7Jean Andemar · Francoise CachinDegas: Gravure and Monotypes
1986978-99971-2-846-1Mary CartwrightAbc/123 Book
1987978-99971-2-848-5Elizabeth CornishWholefood Cookbook
  ''978-99971-2-849-2Grace HartleyGrace Hartley's Southern Cookbook: Over 40 Years of Recipes from the Atlanta Journal
1983978-99971-2-851-5Elizabeth CalhounTwenty Simple Solar Projects: Fun, Practical, Attractive, Easy-To-Build Projects, Powered by the Sun
1987978-99971-2-852-2Valerie BarrettChocolate Book
1989978-99971-2-853-9Step-By-Step Italian Seafood and Salad Cooking