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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-9987-16-001-3Willie SethLife in The United States
  ''978-9987-16-003-7   ''Living in America: An Introduction for Foreigners
2015978-9987-16-004-4Godfrey MwakikagileWestern Involvement in Nkrumah's Downfall
2009978-9987-16-005-1Godfrey MwakikagileMy Life as an African: Autobiographical Writings
2010978-9987-16-006-8Keith ThompsonA Look at the Caribbean and Its People and Culture
2009978-9987-16-007-5Godfrey MwakikagileAfrica 1960 - 1970: Chronicle and Analysis
  ''978-9987-16-009-9   ''Congo in The Sixties
2010978-9987-16-011-2   ''Zambia: Life in an African Country
2009978-9987-16-012-9   ''Life in Tanganyika in the Fifties
  ''978-9987-16-013-6Willie GodfreyThe United States: The Land and Its People
  ''978-9987-16-014-3Godfrey MwakikagileAfrica After Independence: Realities of Nationhood
2010978-9987-16-015-0Keith ThompsonLife in the Caribbean
2009978-9987-16-016-7Godfrey MwakikagileA Profile of African Countries
2010978-9987-16-017-4David WilliamLife in the United Kingdom: The Land and the People
2010978-9987-16-018-1Keith ThompsonCaribbean Islands: The Land and the People
  ''978-9987-16-020-4Godfrey MwakikagileBelize and Its Identity: A Multicultural Perspective
  ''978-9987-16-021-1David WilliamUK Cities: A Look at Life and Major Cities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
2012978-9987-16-022-8Godfrey MwakikagileUganda Since The Seventies
2010978-9987-16-023-5Godfrey MwakikagileThe Gambia and Its People: Ethnic Identities and Cultural Integration in Africa
2013978-9987-16-024-2Yohannes K. MekonnenEthiopia: The Land, Its People, History and Culture
2011978-9987-16-025-9Frank ShermanLiberia: The Land, Its People, History and Culture
2013978-9987-16-026-6Bridgette KasukaProminent African Leaders Since Independence
2011978-9987-16-027-3Godfrey MwakikagileUganda: Cultures and Customs and National Identity
2013978-9987-16-028-0Bridgette KasukaAfrican Writers
2012978-9987-16-029-7Godfrey MwakikagileIdentity Politics and Ethnic Conflicts in Rwanda and Burundi: A Comparative Study
2013978-9987-16-030-3   ''Africa at the End of the Twentieth Century: What Lies Ahead
2012978-9987-16-031-0   ''Burundi: The Hutu and The Tutsi: Cauldron of Conflict and Quest for Dynamic Compromise
2013978-9987-16-032-7   ''Peace and Stability in Rwanda and Burundi: The Road Not Taken
2014978-9987-16-034-1   ''Africa in The Sixties
2012978-9987-16-035-8Godfrey MwakikagileUganda: A Nation in Transition: Post-colonial Analysis
2014978-9987-16-036-5   ''Remembering The Sixties: A Look at Africa
2012978-9987-16-037-2   ''Obote to Museveni: Political Transformation in Uganda Since Independence
2014978-9987-16-038-9Bankole Kamara TaylorSierra Leone: The Land, Its People and History
  ''978-9987-16-039-6Godfrey MwakikagileStatecraft and Nation Building in Africa: A Post-colonial Study
  ''978-9987-16-040-2   ''The People of Kenya and Uganda
  ''978-9987-16-041-9   ''Post-colonial Africa: A General Survey
2014978-9987-16-043-3Godfrey MwakikagileRestructuring the African State and Quest for Regional Integration: New Approaches
2015978-9987-16-044-0   ''Namibia: Conquest to Independence: Formation of a Nation
2014978-9987-16-045-7   ''Why Tanganyika united with Zanzibar to form Tanzania
  ''978-9987-16-047-1   ''British Honduras to Belize: Transformation of a Nation
  ''978-9987-16-049-5   ''Congo in The Sixties