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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-9980-84-006-6Brian Brunton · Duncan Colquhoun-KerrThe Annotated Constitution of Papua New Guinea
1985978-9980-84-007-3Tom DuttonPolice Motu: Iena Sivarai (Its Story)
1984978-9980-84-009-7Clive · Griffin, James · Griffin, Andrew MooreColonial intrusion: Papua New Guinea, 1884
978-9980-84-010-3D. Roebuck · D.K. Srivastava · J. NongorrPacific Contract Law
1988978-9980-84-023-3Eileen Wormald · Anne CrossleyWomen and Education in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific
1989978-9980-84-041-7Michael OliverEleksin: The 1987 National Election in Papua New Guinea
1993978-9980-84-050-9Tukutau Taufa · Caroline BassPopulation Family Health and Development, Vol. 2
1995978-9980-84-052-3David RobieNius Bilong Pasifik: Mass Media in the Pacific
  ''978-9980-84-055-4Helen Fortune Hopkins · James I. MenziesThe Flora of Motupore Island, Papua New Guinea
1996978-9980-84-057-8R. W. JamesChallenges of Equity in Developing the Underlying Law
  ''978-9980-84-058-5K. J Pataki-SchweizerOn reproduction and population: Views from men in the highlands of Papua New Guinea
1997978-9980-84-060-8Nash G. SoraribaA medal without honour: A collection of short stories
1995978-9980-84-062-2Otto Ignatius M. S. Nekitel · Steven Edmund Winduo · Sakarepe KameneCritical and developmental literacy
1996978-9980-84-063-9Karl Hesse · Theo AertsBaining Life and Lore
  ''978-9980-84-066-0Denis McLaughlin · T. A. O'DonoghueCommunity teacher education in Papua New Guinea
2012978-9980-84-068-4Theo AertsTraditional Religion in Melanesia
  ''978-9980-84-069-1   ''Christianity in Melanesia
1997978-9980-84-070-7Biama-Ura KanasaA Research Guide to World War II: Australia New Guinea Administrative Unit and the Natives
2002978-9980-84-085-1Benedict Y. ImbunIndustrial and Employment Relations in the Papua New Guinea Mining Industry
1996978-9980-84-088-2Clem Tisdell · Richard Welch · Ila Temu · M. T. Gumoi · M. Kanari · Peter Bartelmus · John Asafu-Adjaye · Wari IamoFrom Rio to Rai to Reality (From Rio to Rai: Environment and Devlopment in Papua New Guinea, 6)
2011978-9980-84-092-9Wiri YakaipokoThe Blue Logic: Something from the Dark Side of Port Moresby
2011978-9980-84-093-6David T. KavanamurSustainable Credit Schemes for Small Enterprises: Lessons for Papua New Guinea
1997978-9980-84-096-7Robert F. McKillop · Michael PearsonEnd of the Line: A History of Railways in Papua New Guinea
2002978-9980-84-507-8R. J. May · R. AnereMaintaining Democracy: The 1997 Elections in Papua New Guinea
2011978-9980-84-508-5Eric L. Kwa · Alphonse Gelu · Wilfred GolmanJudicial Scrutiny of the Electoral Process in a Developing Democratic State
2006978-9980-84-761-4Hugh Lucius DaviesEarth Tok 2: Earth Structure, Processes and Hazards From a Papua New Guinea Perspective
  ''978-9980-84-773-7Kaia WingoKaia Wingo: A Book of Pictures
2007978-9980-84-804-8Nicolas GarnierTwo Ethno-Archaeologists in West Papua: Anne-Marie and Pierre Pétrequin, An Exhibition Held at the Michael Somare Library, University of Papua New Guinea
2008978-9980-84-841-3Nicolas GarnierInspiré/Inspired: French Artists Inspire Papua New Guinean Artists
2011978-9980-84-897-0Eric L. Kwa · Sakarepe Kamene · John KouniAccess and Benefit Sharing: Policy and Legal Implications for Papua New Guinea