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1986978-9971-988-00-5Hla PeBurma: Literature, Historiography, Scholarship, Language, Life, and Buddhism
1985978-9971-988-01-2Thai Quang TrungCollective Leadership and Factionalism: An Essay on Ho Chi Minh's Legacy
1986978-9971-988-02-9Aline K. Wong · Ng Shui Meng · Shui Meng NgEthnicity and Fertility in Southeast Asia: A Comparative Analysis (Ethnicity and Fertility in Southeast Asia Series)
  ''978-9971-988-03-6Sieh Lee Mei LingInternational Marketing: Cases from Malaysia
1987978-9971-988-04-3Ahmad Ibrahim · Sharon Siddique · Yasmin HussainReadings on Islam in Southeast Asia (Social issues in Southeast Asia)
  ''978-9971-988-05-0Noor Laily Bt. Dato' Abu BakarEthnicity and Fertility in Malaysia (Ethnicity and Fertility in Southeast Asia Series)
  ''978-9971-988-06-7A. B. ShamsulFrom British to Bumiputera Rule: Local Politics and Rural Development in Peninsular Malaysia
  ''978-9971-988-07-4Ma. Cecilia Gastardo-Conaco · Pilar Ramos-Jimenez · Ruth N. BarniegoEthnicity and Fertility in the Philippines (Research Notes and Discussions Papers, No 54)
1985978-9971-988-08-1Ahmad Ibrahim · Sharon Siddique · Yasmin HussainReadings on Islam in Southeast Asia
1985978-9971-988-09-8JESHURUN (Chandran) editorGovernments and rebellions in Southeast Asia (Issues in Southeast Asian security)
  ''978-9971-988-10-4Governments and rebellions in Southeast Asia (Issues in Southeast Asian security)
1986978-9971-988-11-1Mary R. BrooksFleet Development and the Control of Shipping in Southeast Asia (Occasional paper)
  ''978-9971-988-12-8Taib OsmanMalaysian World-View (Institute of South East Asia)
1985978-9971-988-13-5Suchart PrasithrathsinEthnicity and fertility in Thailand (Research notes and discussions paper)
1986978-9971-988-14-2Chee Beng TanDevelopment and Distribution of Dejiao Associations in Malaysia and Singapore: A Study on a Chinese Religious Organization
  ''978-9971-988-15-9Nazaruddin SjamsuddinRepublican Revolt: A Study of the Acehense Rebellion
1985978-9971-988-16-6   ''The republican revolt: a study of the Acehnese rebellion
1986978-9971-988-18-0Hans Christoph RiegerAsean Co-Operation and Intra-Asean Trade (Research Notes and Discussions Paper)
  ''978-9971-988-19-7Virgilio G. EnriquezPhilippine World View
1986978-9971-988-20-3Bruce Matthews · Judith A. NagataReligion Values and Development in Southeast Asia
1987978-9971-988-21-0Ng Shui MengSocio-Economic Correlates of Mortality in Japan and Asean
2004978-9971-988-22-7Shamsul Amri BaharuddinFrom British to bumiputera rule: local politics and rural development in Peninsular Malaysia
1986978-9971-988-23-4Harold CrouchEconomic Change, Social Structure and the Political System in Southeast Asia - Philippines Development Compared With the Other Asian Countries (Teaching and research exchange fellowships)
  ''978-9971-988-24-1Mely G TanEthnicity and fertility in Indonesia (Research notes and discussions paper)
1987978-9971-988-26-5William W. Sage · Judith A. N. HenchyLaos: A Bibliography (Library Bulletin/Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, No 16)
  ''978-9971-988-27-2Cheuk-Yiu Ng · etc.Technology and Skills in ASEAN: An Overview
1986978-9971-988-28-9Phillip L. ThomasLike Tigers round a Piece of Meat: The Baba Style of Dondang Sayang (Local history and memoirs / Institute of Southeast Asian Studies)
1987978-9971-988-29-6H. W. DickIndonesian Interisland Shipping Industry: An Analysis of Competition & Regulation
  ''978-9971-988-32-6Chng Meng Kng · Linda Low · Tay Boon Nga · Amina TyabjiEffective Mechanisms for the Enhancement of Technology and Skills in Singapore/Technology and Skills in Singapore (Asean Regional Studies Promotion P)
  ''978-9971-988-34-0H. Osman-Rani · Toh Kin Woon · Anuwar AliEffective Mechanisms for the Enhancement of Technology and Skills in Malaysia/Technology and Skills in Malaysia (Asean Regional Studies Promotion Pro)
1986978-9971-988-35-7The Passing of remoteness?: Information revolution in the Asia-Pacific
1987978-9971-988-36-4P. Lim Pui HuenThe Malay World of Southeast Asia: A Select Cultural Bibliography
1987978-9971-988-37-1Peter G. PetersonDeficits, Debts and Demographics: Three Fundamentals Affecting Our Long-term Economic Future (Singapore lecture)
1986978-9971-988-38-8Ah Eng LaiPeasants, proletarians, and prostitutes: A preliminary investigation into the work of Chinese women in colonial Malaya (Research notes and discussions paper)
1987978-9971-988-40-1D.G./Milner MarrSouth-east Asia in the 9th to 14th Centuries
1988978-9971-988-41-8Geoffrey B. HainsworthInnocents Abroad or Partners in Development: An Evaluation of Canada-Indonesia Aid, Trade and Investment Relations (Field Report Series, No 15)
1987978-9971-988-42-5Agustin Kintanar · Tan Loong-HoeASEAN-U.S. Economic Relations: An Overview
1986978-9971-988-45-6Meheroo Jussawalla · Dan J. Wedemeyer · Vijay MenonThe Passing of Remoteness ? Information Revolution in the Asia-Pacific
  ''978-9971-988-46-3M. RajaretnamThe Aquino Alternative (Trends in Southeast Asia series)
1987978-9971-988-48-7Pradumna B. RanaEconomic Stabilization Policies (Field report series)
1986978-9971-988-50-0Phillip Lee ThomasLike tigers around a piece of meat: The Baba style of dondang sayang (Local history and memoirs / Institute of Southeast Asian Studies)
  ''978-9971-988-55-5Saw Swee HockNew Population & Labour Force Projections & Policy Implications for Singapore (Research notes and discusssions paper)
  ''978-9971-988-57-9Ryokichi Hirono · C. Y. NgIndustrial Restructuring in Asia and Japan: An Overview
  ''978-9971-988-58-6Rahmah BujangBoria: A form of Malay theatre (Local history and memoirs)
1988978-9971-988-61-6Suchit BunbongkarnMilitary in Thai Politics, 1981-86
1987978-9971-988-62-3Chao Tzang YawnghweShan of Burma: Memoirs of a Shan Exile (Local history and memoirs)
1988978-9971-988-63-0Lawrence B. KrauseThe Singapore economy reconsidered
1987978-9971-988-64-7Diana WongPeasants in the Making: Malaysia's Green Revolution
1987978-9971-988-66-1Lawrence B KrauseThe Singapore economy reconsidered
  ''978-9971-988-68-5Kusuma SnitwongseDurable Stability in Southeast Asia
  ''978-9971-988-69-2Kusuma SnitwongseDurable Stability in Southeast Asia (Issues in Southeast Asian Security)
  ''978-9971-988-70-8Chin Kin WahDefence Spending in Southeast Asia
  ''978-9971-988-73-9Hanns J. Buchholz.Law of the Sea Zones in the Pacific Ocean
1987978-9971-988-75-3Richard S ThornThe Rising Yen: The Impact of Japanese Financial Liberalization on World Capital Markets
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1988978-9971-988-91-3Soon Teck WongSingapore's New Education System: Education Reform for National Development
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1989978-9971-988-94-4J. Soedjati Djiwandono · Mun Cheong YongSoldiers and Stability in Southeast Asia (Issues in Southeast Asian Security)
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  ''978-9971-988-99-9GHEE (Lim Teck) editorReflections on development in Southeast Asia