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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1951978-9971-972-00-4Isobel KuhnStones of Fire
1984978-9971-972-01-1Isobel KuhnAscent to the Tribes: Pioneering in North Thailand
  ''978-9971-972-02-8Myron HarrisonDeveloping Multinational Teams
  ''978-9971-972-03-5Daniel W. BaconFrom Faith to Faith
  ''978-9971-972-04-2Eileen L. Gordon-SmithIn His Time
1982978-9971-972-05-9eileen-fraser-crossmanMountain Rain: a New Biography of James O. Fraser
1987978-9971-972-12-7J. Oswald SandersOvercoming Tension and Strain
1984978-9971-972-14-1J Oswald SandersCameos of Comfort
1989978-9971-972-15-8Christa WeberBefore the Moon Dies
1984978-9971-972-16-5Denis LaneWhen God Guides
  ''978-9971-972-17-2Rosemary A. WatsonAs the Rock Flower Blooms
1960978-9971-972-19-6Isobel KuhnIn the Arena
1985978-9971-972-22-6Verda PeetSometimes I prefer to fuss
1968978-9971-972-23-3Ayako MiuraShiokari Pass
1985978-9971-972-24-0Keith HintonGrowing Churches Singapore Style Ministry in an Urban Context (An OMF book)
978-9971-972-28-8Denis J. Lane · Denis LaneThe Cloud and the Silver Lining: Ezekiel, the Christian and the Power of God
1985978-9971-972-30-1Lesley FrancisWinds of Change in China: Guidelines for Effective Service
1985978-9971-972-31-8UnknownWhen the Roof Caves in (Living Testimony Series: No 2)
  ''978-9971-972-33-2Sheila GrovesGranny Han's Breakfast
1986978-9971-972-34-9Margaret KirkThat greater freedom (An OMF book)
1980978-9971-972-35-6Margaret KirkGod Was a Stranger
1988978-9971-972-36-3Arthur R. MatthewsBorn for Battle
1986978-9971-972-37-0Ann RuckPearl
1985978-9971-972-39-4Sheila GrovesEin Frühstück für Oma Han
1987978-9971-972-41-7Linda HinchliffeMaki's Busy Week
1986978-9971-972-43-1Theodore Williams · Theo WilliamsThe Local Church and Mission
  ''978-9971-972-44-8VariousWhen God Provides
1990978-9971-972-45-5Isobel KuhnStones of Fire
1989978-9971-972-46-2Joshua K. OgawaUnlimited Purpose: An Asian Missionary Tells His Story
1986978-9971-972-47-9Ralph ToliverGold Fears No Fire
1994978-9971-972-51-6Phyllis ThompsonGod's Adventurer: A Story of Daring, Danger and Dependence on God
978-9971-972-53-0Bill Lees · Shirley LeesIs It Sacrifice?
1987978-9971-972-55-4Barbara F. ReedBeyond the Great Darkness
  ''978-9971-972-56-1Linnet HintonNever Say Can't
  ''978-9971-972-57-8G. HuntAll the Pieces Fit
1987978-9971-972-58-5Overseas Missionary FellowshipWhen People Pray
  ''978-9971-972-59-2Larry DinkinsNew toes for Tia
  ''978-9971-972-60-8Sheila Walsh MillerI Can Trace a Rainbow
  ''978-9971-972-61-5Adele EllisBroto
1988978-9971-972-62-2ReynoldsStrength for the Storm: Spiritual Lessons from Chinese Preachers
  ''978-9971-972-63-9Howard TaylorHudson Taylor: In Early Years- The Growth of a Soul
1996978-9971-972-64-6& Mrs. Howard TaylorHudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission: The Growth of a Work of God
1988978-9971-972-65-3D. TaylorBy Faith Henry W Frost and the China Inland Mission
1988978-9971-972-67-7Margaret ArmitageMore Than Skin Deep
1995978-9971-972-68-4Isobel KuhnIn the Arena
1989978-9971-972-69-1Sheila Patricia MillerMy Book About Hudson
1985978-9971-972-70-7David H AdeneyChina: The Church's Long March
1988978-9971-972-71-4David MichellA Boy's War (An Omf Book)
  ''978-9971-972-72-1An OMFLoompy
1994978-9971-972-73-8Isobel KuhnGreen Leaf in Drought
  ''978-9971-972-74-5   ''Nests Above the Abyss:
  ''978-9971-972-76-9   ''Stones of Fire:
1990978-9971-972-77-6Sheila GrovesDer Missionshund Lumpi
1989978-9971-972-79-0Howard TaylorPastor Hsi
  ''978-9971-972-80-6Robert & Martha PetersonRoaring Lion: Experiencing Victory Over Demonic Attack
1990978-9971-972-86-8SteerJ. H. Taylor: A Man in Christ
1990978-9971-972-91-2Franklin W. AllenBreaking the Barriers: A History and Model of Church/Mission Relationships in the Philippines
  ''978-9971-972-92-9Jean NightingaleWithout a Gate
2004978-9971-972-93-6Sheila Walsh Miller · Ian MurrayThe Gods Must Be Angry
1990978-9971-972-94-3Alice PoynorEast Into Yesterday
1900978-9971-972-96-7Larry DinkinsHelp! My Halo's Slipping
1990978-9971-972-98-1Alfred BosshardtThe Guiding Hand
  ''978-9971-972-99-8Ian Murray Sheila MillerDer kleine Dirigent. Eine wahre Geschichte aus Thailand