Paulines Publications Africa

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1912978-9966-21-001-2J. MacCaffreyHistory of The Catholic Church
1994978-9966-21-110-1John Baur2000 Years of Christianity in Africa: An African History 62-1992
2001978-9966-21-117-0The church in Sudan journeying towards justice and peace
1995978-9966-21-130-9EditorThe New Testament: The African Bible, Family Edition
2012978-9966-21-147-7Oreu Lugogo LeunotoA Melancholy Harvest (The voice of the African bishops series)
  ''978-9966-21-170-5Godfrey W WaweruThe Property Boom And Bubble; The Coming Burst (Tangaza occasional papers)
1996978-9966-21-187-3Joseph HealeyTowards an African narrative theology
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2012978-9966-21-279-5Christine Esther UwimpuhweHeaven: She died ,was taken to Heaven and later given a message to bring to the World
1997978-9966-21-326-6Andrew C. WheelerLand of promise: Church growth in a Sudan at war (Faith in Sudan)
  ''978-9966-21-332-7Stuart (ed.) BrownSeeking an open society: Inter-faith relations and dialogue in Sudan today (Faith in Sudan)
  ''978-9966-21-349-5Janet PerssonIn our own languages: The story of Bible translation in Sudan (Faith in Sudan)
1998978-9966-21-372-3Gino BarsellaStruggling to be heard: The Christian voice in independent Sudan, 1956-1996 (Faith in Sudan)
  ''978-9966-21-374-7Francesco · Wheeler, Andrew C. · Ratti, Maria Teresa PierliGateway to the heart of Africa: Missionary pioneers in Sudan (Faith in Sudan)
1998978-9966-21-380-8Anthony BarrettSacrifice and prophecy in Turkana cosmology
978-9966-21-386-0Carol Wambui NgaburaBravehearted Musings
1998978-9966-21-389-1Christy BurkeMorality and mission: A case study: Francis Libermann and slavery (1802-1852)
  ''978-9966-21-412-6Aylward ShorterAfrican culture, an overview: Socio-cultural anthropology (Handbook / African church)
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1998978-9966-21-418-8ANDREW C., EDITOR WHEELERAnnouncing the light: Sudanese witnesses to the gospel (Faith in Sudan)
  ''978-9966-21-419-5Matungulu OteneThe spiritual journey of Anuarite
1999978-9966-21-426-3Margaret A OgolaCardinal Otunga: A gift of grace (Challenge series)
  ''978-9966-21-438-6Paolo TablinoThe Gabra: Camel nomads of northern Kenya (African church. 1, Inculturation)
  ''978-9966-21-441-6Luc CroegaertThe African continent: An insight into its earliest history
1999978-9966-21-448-5Aylward ShorterStreet children in Africa: A Nairobi case study
2001978-9966-21-450-8African Bible
1999978-9966-21-460-7Lawrence M NjorogeA century of Catholic endeavour: Holy Ghost and Consolata Missions in Kenya
2000978-9966-21-467-6Frans Jozef Servaas WijsenSeeking a good life: Religion and society in Usukuma, Tanzania, 1945-1995
1999978-9966-21-470-6But God is not defeated!: Celebrating the centenary of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan, 1899-1999
  ''978-9966-21-484-3Lillian Craig HarrisIn joy and in sorrow: Travels among Sudanese Christians (Faith in Sudan)
2000978-9966-21-501-7Ida TomasiA love stronger than death: Women who gave their lives for Africa (Challenge series)
  ''978-9966-21-503-1Spirituality for lay Christians: At the dawn of the third millennium (Hekima College collection)
  ''978-9966-21-515-4Michael ParkerChildren of the sun: Stories of the Christian journey in Sudan (Faith in Sudan)
  ''978-9966-21-529-1Roland Werner · William Anderson · Andrew WheelerDay of devastation, day of contentment: The history of the Sudanese church across 2000 years (Faith in Sudan series)
2001978-9966-21-617-5Marc R NikkelDinka Christianity: The origins and development of Christianity among the Dinka of Sudan with special reference to the songs of Dinka Christians (Faith in Sudan series)
2004978-9966-21-792-9Harriet Hill, Richard Bagge, Pat Miersma Margaret HillHealing the Wounds of Trauma
2002978-9966-21-820-9H SlatteryHIV/AIDS, a call to action: Responding as Christians (HIV/AIDS care givers)
2002978-9966-21-831-5Yusuf Fadl, and Richard Gray (eds) HasanReligion and conflict in Sudan: Papers from an international conference at Yale, May 1999 (Faith in Sudan series)
  ''978-9966-21-844-5Isaiah Majok DauSuffering and God. A Theological Reflection on War in the Sudan
2004978-9966-21-879-7Domitille DuplatFreedom of the Press. Responsibility of Média. Africa on the Way to Self-Régulation
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