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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-9956-791-01-9Daniel Abwa · Albert-Pascal Temgoua · E. S. D. FominBoundaries and History in Africa. Issues in Conventional Boundaries and Ideological Frontiers
  ''978-9956-791-05-7Peter Ateh-Afac FossunguAfrica's Anthropological Dictionary on Love and Understanding. Marriage and the Tensions of Belonging in Cameroon
2014978-9956-791-08-8Pepertua K. Nkamanyang LolaThe Lock on My Lips
  ''978-9956-791-11-8Tatah MentanAfrica: Facing Human Security Challenges in the 21st Century
2013978-9956-791-13-2Basil DikiThe Shirburnian Catastrophe
  ''978-9956-791-15-6Paulin J. HountondjiL'Ancien Et Le Nouveau. La Production Du Savoir Dans L'Afrique D'Aujourd'hui (French Edition)
  ''978-9956-791-17-0Sam-Nuvala FonkemIncisive Journalism in Cameroon. The Best of "Cameroon Report" (1978 - 1986)
2014978-9956-791-20-0Bill F. NdiSentimentalement Votre: Les Pieds de Mon C Ur (French Edition)
2014978-9956-791-21-7Rosnert Ludovic Alissoutin · Ramata Molo ThiouneAcces A L'Eau Pour Les Agricultrices Saheliennes. Enjeux Pour Une Democratie Inclusive (French Edition)
  ''978-9956-791-23-1Philo IkonyaSplintering Silence
2013978-9956-791-25-5Etienne-Marie LassiAspects Ecocritiques de L Imaginaire Africain (French Edition)
  ''978-9956-791-27-9Tatah MentanDemocracy for Breakfast. Unveiling Mirage Democracy in Contemporary Africa
  ''978-9956-791-29-3Munyaradzi MawereEnvironmental Conservation through Ubuntu and Other Emerging Perspectives
2014978-9956-791-32-3Anthony NdiSouthern West Cameroon Revisited Volume Two. North-South West Nexus 1858-1972
  ''978-9956-791-33-0Pascal TouoyemDynamiques de L'Ethnicite En Afrique. Elements Pour Une Theorie de L'Etat Multinational (French Edition)
2013978-9956-791-37-8Efualajong FolefacDuce Kingdom
2013978-9956-791-39-2Munyaradzi MawereLyrics of Reason and Experience
2014978-9956-791-41-5Milton KriegerVictor Le Vine's Shorter Cameroon Writings, 1961-2007
  ''978-9956-791-43-9Imali J. AbalaDrum Bits of Terror
  ''978-9956-791-44-6Anthony NdiSouthern West Cameroon Revisited (1950-1972) Volume One. Unveiling Inescapable Traps
2013978-9956-791-49-1Colin DiyenDaddy
  ''978-9956-791-51-4Henrietta M. NyamnjohBridging Mobilities. ICTs Appropriation by Cameroonians in South Africa and The Netherlands
  ''978-9956-791-53-8Benjamin Hart Fishkin · Bill F. Ndi. · Adaku T. AnkumahFears, Doubts and Joys of Not Belonging
2014978-9956-791-55-2Susan Nde NkwentieThe Mirror and Nine Other Short Stories
2014978-9956-791-56-9Colin DiyenIn the Service of Satan
  ''978-9956-791-59-0Christopher M. Mabeza · Munyaradzi MawereThe Clash of the Titans and Other Short Stories
2013978-9956-791-61-3Munyaradzi MawereRevelations: Africa in Poetry
  ''978-9956-791-63-7Basil DikiOrgasmic Damnation
2014978-9956-791-65-1Munyaradzi MawereKids: Africa in Childhood Poetry
  ''978-9956-791-67-5Joseph Lon NfiThe Reunification Debate in British Southern Cameroons. the Role of French Cameroon Immigrants
  ''978-9956-791-70-5Richard FardonTiger in an African Palace, and Other Thoughts about Identification and Transformation
2014978-9956-791-71-2Mbuh Tennu MbuhSearching for Bate Besong
2013978-9956-791-73-6Kelvin Toh NgongFointama: A Play
  ''978-9956-791-75-0Lilian Lem AtangaPerspectives Of Gender And Language In Cameroonian Contexts
  ''978-9956-791-76-7Peter Wuteh VakuntaSpeak Camfranglais pour un Renouveau Onglais (French Edition)
2014978-9956-791-77-4Sam-Nuvala FonkemSnapshots: An X-ray of Cameroon's Democracy, Governance and Unification
  ''978-9956-791-79-8Tikum Mbah AzongaFeathers in Reverse
  ''978-9956-791-82-8Kenneth UsongoRuminations of Ipome
2014978-9956-791-83-5Emmanuel Fru DohBefore the Rainbow
2013978-9956-791-85-9Moshumee Teena DewooThe Sounds of Silence. Mauritian Tales Told After Midnight
  ''978-9956-791-87-3Nerisha Yanee DewooAmour Sucré (French Edition)
  ''978-9956-791-88-0Djimet Seli(De)connexions identitaires hadjeray. Les enjeux des technologies de la communication au Tchad (French Edition)
2014978-9956-791-89-7Christopher Mubeteneh TankouThe Interactions of Human Mobility and Farming Systems on Biodiversity and Soil Quality in the Western Highlands of Cameroon
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2014978-9956-791-95-8George AtangaTouring Girls
2013978-9956-791-97-2Tikum Mbah AzongaA Toi, Maman Cameroun