PASSIA - Palestinian Academic Society

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-9950-305-00-7PASSIAفلسطينيون - Palestinian Personalities
2005978-9950-305-01-4   ''100 Years of Palestinian History
2014978-9950-305-02-1   ''The Palestine Question in Maps 1878-2014
2001978-9950-305-03-8   ''Palestine in Review – This Was 2000; A Day-to-Day Chronology
2003978-9950-305-04-5Fadia DaibesWater in Palestine: Problems, Politics, Prospects
2008978-9950-305-06-9PASSIADictionary of Palestinian Political terms
2005978-9950-305-11-3Mahdi Abdul HadiPalestinian - Israeli Impasse: Exploring Alternative Solutions To The Palestine - Israell Conflict
2006978-9950-305-13-7PASSIAPalestinian Personalities - A Biographic Dictionary
2015978-9950-305-14-4   ''PASSIA Diary 2014
2007978-9950-305-18-2PASSIADOCUMENTS ON JERUSALEM - Volumes: I, II, III & IV
  ''978-9950-305-24-3   ''Documents on Palestine (Volumes: I- VIII)
978-9950-305-32-8Passia Pocket Diary 2015
2009978-9950-305-33-5Bernd IsphordingGermans in Jerusalem
2011978-9950-305-34-2Paola CaridiHamas: From Resistance to Government?
  ''978-9950-305-35-9PASSIAJerusalem of Art
2014978-9950-305-41-0   ''A Guide to Muslim & Christian Holy Places in Jerusalem
2012978-9950-305-42-7   ''The Road to Palestinian Statehood
2013978-9950-305-44-1   ''Arab East Jerusalem, A Reader