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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-9948-431-00-8Denys Johnson-DaviesDeenoh and Arbab (Tales of Arabia)
  ''978-9948-431-06-0Denys Johnson-DaviesThe Great Warrior Ali (Tales of Arabia)
  ''978-9948-431-07-7   ''The Woodcutter (Tales of Arabia)
  ''978-9948-431-08-4   ''The King and His Three Daughters (Tales of Arabia)
  ''978-9948-431-09-1Frances La BonteSheikh Zayed
2006978-9948-431-10-7Frances La BonteThe Arabian Date Palm
  ''978-9948-431-13-8Jessie ParkerA Taste of Arabia
  ''978-9948-431-16-9Denys Johnson-DaviesThe Tale of Two Donkeys
  ''978-9948-431-18-3Penny Holmes · Susan MalletSimply British
  ''978-9948-431-19-0Kathy HoopmannDesert Leveret
2006978-9948-431-20-6Caroline BorthwickYou're Too Little
  ''978-9948-431-28-2Denys Johnson-DaviesTales of Arabia
2007978-9948-431-33-6   ''Open Season in Beirut
  ''978-9948-431-35-0Greg HuntThey Saddle Dogs: A Journey from East to West
978-9948-431-36-7Bella the Desert Dog
2007978-9948-431-37-4Frances Labonte · Sue GravesCreatures of Arabia
  ''978-9948-431-38-1Frances Labonte · Mike UnwinCreatures of Arabia
978-9948-431-40-4The Tale of Two Donkeys
2007978-9948-431-41-1Julia JohnsonA Bird's Eye View
  ''978-9948-431-43-5Frances Labonte · Martin WaltersCreatures of Arabia
2007978-9948-431-44-2Frances Labonte · Sue GravesCreatures of Arabia
978-9948-431-45-9Humph's Travels: In the United Arab Emirates
978-9948-431-46-6Pair of Hoopoes
2010978-9948-431-49-7Denys Johnson-DaviesFoxy Tales: v. 1
2007978-9948-431-62-6Linda DaviesSea Djinn
978-9948-431-63-3The Traveller (Tales of Arabia)
978-9948-431-65-7The Story of a Mouse
2009978-9948-431-73-2Denys Johnson-DaviesA Pair of Hoopoes
978-9948-431-74-9Shiree: The Life of a Sea Turtle
978-9948-431-76-3Cherry Loving Leila
978-9948-431-80-0Raya's Globe
2007978-9948-431-83-1Frances Labonte · Sue Graves · Mike Unwin · Martin WaltersCreatures of Arabia
2009978-9948-431-86-2Marliyn SheffieldZoom in on Camels
978-9948-431-87-9Omar's Goats
978-9948-431-88-6Abdullah and His Grandfather
978-9948-431-99-2Picture Atlas