Padma Karpo Translation Commit

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-9937-8244-0-8Tony DuffCondensed Chronicle by Orgyen Padma
  ''978-9937-8244-1-5Tony DuffThe Method of Preserving the Face of Rigpa, the Essence of Wisdom: An Aspect of Training in Thorough Cut
2009978-9937-8244-2-2Mipham Rinpoche · Tony DuffThe Way of the Realized Old Dogs, Advice That Points Out the Essence of Mind, Called a Lamp That Dispels Darkness
2011978-9937-8244-3-9Patrul RinpocheFeature of the Expert, Glorious King: Also Known as "The Three Lines That Strike the Key Points and Auto-Commentary by Patrul Rinpoche
  ''978-9937-8244-4-6Dodrupchen Rinpoche · Tony DuffAbout the Three Lines That Strike Key Points
  ''978-9937-8244-5-3Tony DuffEmpowerment and Ati Yoga by Tony Duff (2011-04-18)
  ''978-9937-8244-6-0   ''The Lion's Roar That Proclaims Zhantong
2016978-9937-8244-7-7   ''Longchen Nyingthig Chod Practice "Sound of Dakini Laughter" (Longchen Nyingthig Series)
2011978-9937-8244-8-4   ''The Bodyless Dakini Dharma: The Dakini Hearing Lineage of the Kagyu
2017978-9937-8244-9-1   ''Longchen Nyingthig Preliminaries The Excellent Path to Omniscience (Longchen Nyingthig Series)