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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-9937-623-02-5The Snowflake Who Refused to Melt
2013978-9937-623-03-2Madhavi Kolhatkar & Musashi TachikawaBuddhist Fire Ritual in Japan
  ''978-9937-623-04-9ManatitaMy Guru, Sri Chinmoy: Life and Teachings
  ''978-9937-623-05-6Nikos A. SalingarosUnified Architectural Theory: Form, Language, Complexity
  ''978-9937-623-06-3Rashmila ShakyaFrom Goddess to Mortal
  ''978-9937-623-08-7Dhruba KumarSocial Inclusion: Human Development and Nation Building in Nepal
978-9937-623-09-4Algorithmic Sustainable Design: Twelve Lectures on Architecture
2013978-9937-623-10-0Charles · Peter Schwieger & Alice Travers (eds.) RambleTibetans who Escaped the Historian's Net: Studies in the Social History of Tibetan Societies
2011978-9937-623-11-7Martino NicolettiThe Zoo of the Giraffe Women: A Journey Among the Kayan of Northern Thailand
2013978-9937-623-12-4Nikos A. SalingarosA Theory of Architecture
2014978-9937-623-15-5The Precepts of the Dharmakaya: Advanced Instructions on the Practice of Bönpo Dzogchen According to the Zhang-Zhung Tradition of Tibet
2014978-9937-623-16-2Daniel MillerSacred Landscapes
  ''978-9937-623-17-9Michael BeckMustang: The Culture and Landscape of Lo
  ''978-9937-623-20-9Rudolf HoggerThe Sacred Thread:: The Development of Personality According to Hindu Traditions and Jungian
  ''978-9937-623-21-6A.W. Van den HoekCaturmasa:: Celebrations of Death in Kathmandu, Nepal
  ''978-9937-623-23-0Kumagai SeijiBhutanese Buddhism and its Culture
2014978-9937-623-24-7Tenzin Rinpoche ShyalpaGreat Perfection: - The Essence of Pure Spirituality
  ''978-9937-623-28-5Ian R Taylor & Jagan S GurungGhandruk: Heart of the Tamu
  ''978-9937-623-29-2Byampadorj Dondog ShamanReflections of a Mongolian Shaman
  ''978-9937-623-31-5Francois DamienHoly Mountains of Nepal: (English, French and German Edition)
  ''978-9937-623-32-2Nikos A. SalingarosPrinciples of Urban Structure
2015978-9937-623-33-9Bal Gopal ShresthaThe Newars of Sikkim: Reinventing Language, Culture, and Identity in the Diaspora
2015978-9937-623-37-7Kk. PandayBehind Her Wedding Veil: Struggles of My Rebellious Mother
2014978-9937-623-38-4Dagmar Eigner & Jurgen KremerTransformation of Consciousness: Potentials for our Future
2015978-9937-623-40-7Lisa Choegyal and Mikel DunhamThe Nepal Scene: Chronicles of Elizabeth Hawley - 1988-2007 (Two Volumes)