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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-9937-506-00-7LevineBlessing Power of the Buddhas Sacred Objects, Sacred Lands [Dec 01, 2008] Levine, Norma
2007978-9937-506-01-4Shaphalya AmatyaMonument Conservation in Nepal: My Experiences with the World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu Valley
2010978-9937-506-02-1Keith DowmanBuddhist Guide to the Power Places of the Kathmandu Valley
2008978-9937-506-03-8Charles Ramble · Martin BrauenAnthropology of Tibet and the Himalaya
  ''978-9937-506-04-5Keith DowmanThe Power Places of Central Tibet
  ''978-9937-506-05-2Daniel J MillerDrokpa: Nomads of the Tibetan Plateau and Himalaya
  ''978-9937-506-06-9Frederick SelbyPostcard from Kathmandu: Life Among Gods, Kings and Diplomats
2009978-9937-506-07-6Bodo BalsysThe I Concept - The Mahamudra Concerning the Union of a Buddha and His Consort
2008978-9937-506-08-3Kesar LallThe God of Compassion
  ''978-9937-506-09-0Alessandra CampolliRitual Art of the Kingdom of Mithila: Traditional Paintings by Janakpur Women in Nepal
2008978-9937-506-10-6Martino NicolettiEcstatic Body: Notes on Shamanism and Corporeity in Nepal
  ''978-9937-506-11-3Dmitry ErmakovBo and Bon: Ancient Shamanic Traditions of Siberia and Tibet in Their Relation to the Teachings of a Central Asian Buddha
978-9937-506-12-0Healing and Happiness Mantra
978-9937-506-13-7Northern Buddhism in History
2005978-9937-506-15-1Scott BerryA Stranger in Nepal and Tibet: The Adventures of a Wandering Monk
2008978-9937-506-16-8Meryl DowmanNeither Day Nor Night
  ''978-9937-506-17-5Jamyang WangmoDancing in the Clouds: The Mani Rimdu, Dumche and Tsogchen Festivals of the Khumbu Sherpas
978-9937-506-18-2Dharma Wheel of Great Bliss: A Guide to the Thangme Gompa
978-9937-506-19-9Epic Teashop: A Collection of Poems
2008978-9937-506-20-5Sherpa Lhakpa NorbuThrough a Sherpa Window
978-9937-506-21-2Kyarog Sang-ngag Choling Gompa
2008978-9937-506-22-9david N., Joanna Pfaff-Czarnecka & John Whelpton GellnerNationalism and Ethnicity in Nepal
  ''978-9937-506-24-3Khenchen Appey RinpocheTeachings on Sakya Pandita's Clarifying the Sage's Intent
  ''978-9937-506-25-0Jason SiffSeeking Nibbana in Sri Lanka
2009978-9937-506-27-4Andrew StevensonThe Envelope: Walking Up to Everest Base Camp
2008978-9937-506-32-8Dan MartinUnearthing Bon Treasures: Life and Contested Legacy of a Tibetan Scripture Revealer
2008978-9937-506-34-2Barbara Nimri AzizSoundings in Tibetan Civilization
  ''978-9937-506-35-9Nicolas Tournadre · Lhakpa Norbu Sherpa · Gyurme Chodrak · Guillaume OiselSherpa-English and English-Sherpa Dictionary with Literary Tibetan and Nepali Equivalents
2013978-9937-506-36-6Benti BanachA Village Called Self-Awareness, Life and Time in Spiti Valley
978-9937-506-37-3Tibetan Frontier Families: Reflections of Three Generations from Dingri
978-9937-506-38-0Religion and Secular Culture in Tibet: Tibetan Studies II
978-9937-506-39-7Tibet, Past and Present: Tibetan Studies I
978-9937-506-43-4Nangchen Sremo
2010978-9937-506-45-8Keith DowmanMaya Yoga: Longchenpa's Finding Comfort and Ease in Enchantment
  ''978-9937-506-46-5Khenpo Nyima DondrupGuide to the Hidden Land of the Yolmo Snow Enclosure and its History
  ''978-9937-506-47-2John and Henk Blezer (eds.) ArdussiImpressions of Bhutan and Tibetan Art Ardussi, John
2011978-9937-506-48-9Norma LevineChronicles of Love & Death: My Years with the Lost Spiritual King of Bhutan
2010978-9937-506-49-6Nicholas M. CzerninPoems To and From the Vastness
  ''978-9937-506-50-2Saber UddiyanKalama Sutta: The Rediscovery of Conscience
2010978-9937-506-51-9Dhruba KumarElectoral Violence and Volatility in Nepal
  ''978-9937-506-53-3Sukra Sagar Shrestha, Amrit Bajracharya and Kanako Ogasawara Akira FurukawaJarunhiti
978-9937-506-54-0Disasters and Development: Investing in Sustainable Development
2013978-9937-506-55-7Scott BerryFrom Goddess to Mortal
2011978-9937-506-58-8Daisuke MurakamiNational Imaginings and Ethnic Tourism in Lhasa, Tibet: Postcolonial Identities Amongst Contemporary
978-9937-506-59-5Amdo Tibetans in Transition: Society and Culture in the post-Mao Era
2011978-9937-506-60-1Seiji KUMAGAIThe Two Truths in Bon
978-9937-506-62-5A Cry in the Wilderness and Other Short Stories
2012978-9937-506-64-9Richard Salisbury · Elizabeth HawleyThe Himalaya by Numbers: A Statistical Analysis of Mountaineering in the Nepal Himalaya
2013978-9937-506-65-6Mikel DunhamCaught in Nepal: Tibetan Refugees Photographing Tibetan Refugees
2011978-9937-506-66-3Ian Carlos FitzpatrickCardamom and Class: A Limbu Village and Its Extensions in East Nepal
2013978-9937-506-67-0John Myrdhin ReynoldsThe Practice of Dzogchen in the Zhang Zhung Tradition of Tibet
2012978-9937-506-71-7Miriam BishokarmaAssessing "Dependency": Food Security and the Impact of Food Aid on Livelihoods in Mugu
  ''978-9937-506-72-4PAULA HORANFierce Innocence
  ''978-9937-506-74-8Kazumi YoshizakiThe Kathmandu Valley as a Waterpot
2013978-9937-506-75-5The Instructions on the Primordial A
978-9937-506-76-2Buddhism in Tibet and the Himalayas
978-9937-506-78-6MUKHIYA N LAMARitual Objects & Deities: An Iconography on Buddhism and Hinduism [Dec 01, 2013] Mukhiya, N. and Mingyur, T.
2012978-9937-506-79-3Roberto (ed.) VitaliStudies on the History and Literature of Tibet and the Himalaya
978-9937-506-80-9Dream Catcher
978-9937-506-81-6The Ballad of a Pirate
2012978-9937-506-82-3N.J. AllenMiyapma: Traditional Narratives of the Thulung Rai
  ''978-9937-506-84-7Florens van Raab van CansteinTravelling with the Master
2013978-9937-506-86-1Neville SaronyThe Dharma Expedient
2012978-9937-506-87-8Irmgard MengeleRiding a Huge Wave of Karma: The Turbulent Life of the Tenth Karma-pa
2013978-9937-506-91-5Martino NicolettiThe Nomadic Sacrifice
2013978-9937-506-92-2Kimiaki TanakaMitrayogin's 108 Mandalas: An Image Database
  ''978-9937-506-94-6David PadwaIncident at LUKLA (a novel)
  ''978-9937-506-95-3Romano MastromatteiThe Kings Salt
  ''978-9937-506-97-7Keith DowmanSpaciousness: The Radical Dzogchen of the Vajra-Heart (Longchenpa's Treasury of the Dharmadhatu)
978-9937-506-99-1Namaste: Nepali-Chinese Language