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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-984-05-0125-0HāsānaujjāmānaBāṃlādeśa, rāshṭra o sarakārera sāmarikīkaraṇa (Bengali Edition)
1987978-984-05-1087-0Mohammed TalukdarMemoirs of Huseyn Shaheed Suhra Wardy
1996978-984-05-1259-1A. N. MizanIn Quest of Empowerment
1997978-984-05-1373-4Siddiq SalikWitness to Surrender ([Road to Bangladesh series])
  ''978-984-05-1374-1Golam RabbaniDhaka: From Mughal Outpost to Metropolis
2002978-984-05-1444-1A.R. KhandakerSociety Politics & Civil Order: Memoirs of the Police Chief of Bangladesh
  ''978-984-05-1467-0Muhammad YunusBanker to the Poor: Autobiographical Account
1999978-984-05-1469-4Jamil, Ed. ChoudhuryCultural cooperation in South Asia: The search for community: papers and proceedings of the Fifth South Asian Dialogue
2000978-984-05-1501-1Munir Quddus · Salim RashidEntrepreneurs and Economic Development: The Remarkable Story of Garment Exports from Bangladesh
2009978-984-05-1519-6Rehman SobhanRediscovering The Southern Silk Route: Integrating Asia's Transport Infrastructure
2000978-984-05-1532-5The common country assessment, Bangladesh
2002978-984-05-1547-9Philip E.S. FinneyJust My Luck: Memoirs of a Police Officer of the Raj
2013978-984-05-1650-6Archer K BloodThe Cruel Birth of Bangladesh - Memoirs of an American Dipolmat