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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-981-4250-08-5William S. TayHandbook of Contemporary China
978-981-4250-52-8Discovering Mathematics 7A Textbook (Common Core series)
978-981-4250-53-5Textbook (Discovering Mathematocs Common Core, 7B)
978-981-4250-54-2Workbook 7a (Discovering Mathematocs Common Core, 7a)
978-981-4250-55-9Discovering Mathematics: Common Core, Workbook 7B
2012978-981-4250-57-3Singapore MathDiscovering Mathematics Common Core: Textbook 7B Hardcover – 2012
978-981-4250-58-0Teaching Notes and Solutions 7a (Discovering Mathematics Common Core)
2012978-981-4250-59-7Discovering Mathematics Teaching Notes and Solutions (Common Core)
978-981-4250-60-3Workbook Solutions 7A (Discovering Mathematics Common Core: A Singapore Math Program)
978-981-4250-61-0Workbook Solutions 7B
2013978-981-4250-62-7unlistedDimensions Math 8A Common Core Textbook (Singapore Math series)
  ''978-981-4250-63-4Writing Team Dimensions Math Common CoreDimensions Math Common Core 8B Textbook
  ''978-981-4250-64-1Dimensions Math Writing TeamDimensions Math Common Core Workbook 8a
  ''978-981-4250-65-8Star PublishingDIMENSIONS MATH 8B Workbook
  ''978-981-4250-68-9Star Publishing PTE staffTeaching Notes and Solutions 8A (Dimensions Math CCSS)
2014978-981-4250-69-6Dimentions Math writing teamDimensions Math 8B Teaching Notes & Solutions (Common Core)
2013978-981-4250-70-2unlistedWorkbook Solutions 8A
2013978-981-4250-71-9unlistedWorkbook Solutions 8B (Dimensions Math CCSS)