Didier Millet,Csi

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-981-4217-05-7Tom BakerTokyo Chic (Chic Collection)
  ''978-981-4217-06-4Fabrice MoireauGardens of Paris Sketchbook
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  ''978-981-4217-13-2Lucien de GuiseMalaysia Chic (Chic Collection)
2008978-981-4217-14-9Simon FarrellSouth Africa Chic 2Ed (Chic Destination)
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  ''978-981-4217-18-7Nicholas Grossman · William WarrenThailand:9 Days In The Kingdo
2007978-981-4217-20-0R.W. HolderThe Fight for Malaya: The Jungle War of Maurice Cotterill
  ''978-981-4217-21-7Desmond TateTropical Fruit
2009978-981-4217-36-1Francoise Raymond KuijperMorocco Chic (Chic Destination)
  ''978-981-4217-38-5Kate O'BrienSlow Life
2008978-981-4217-39-2Ferne ArfinEngland Chic (Chic Destination)
2008978-981-4217-41-5Paul MooneyChina Chic (Chic Collection)
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  ''978-981-4217-52-1John CleaveIstanbul: City of Two Continent (Sketchbook)
2010978-981-4217-53-8Pascal Languillon · Tan Mei Zee · Kate O'BrienEco Chic (Chic Destinations)
2008978-981-4217-57-6Hallie CampbellWorlds Best Hotels 2008-2009
2009978-981-4217-58-3Wong Hong SuenWartime Kitchen
  ''978-981-4217-62-0Mark Ravinder Frost · Yu-Mei BalasingamchowSingapore: A Biography
2016978-981-4217-66-8Thierry ZephirAngkor: A Tour of the Mounuments
2009978-981-4217-67-5Fabrice MoireauProvence Sketchbook (Sketchbooks)
2009978-981-4217-71-2Didier MilletThailand 9 Days In The Kingdom
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  ''978-981-4217-76-7Bruce CarpenterJavanese Antique Furniture And Folk Art
2009978-981-4217-89-7Ray Bartlett · Brandon LeeKorea Chic (Chic Destination)
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2010978-981-4217-94-1Fabrice Moireau · Carl MoracRooftops of Paris
  ''978-981-4217-95-8Didier MilletMalaysia At Random (At Random Series)
2009978-981-4217-96-5Joe YogerstGreece Chic (Chic Destination)