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  ''978-981-283-233-7Qingming Luo · Lihong V. Wang · Valery V. TuchinAdvances in Biomedical Photonics and Imaging: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Photonics and Imaging in Biology and Medicine Pibm 2007 Wuhan, P R China, 4-6 November 2007
  ''978-981-283-245-0Antonino Zichichi · Silvia ArcelliThe Logic Of Nature, Complexity And New Physics: From Quark-Gluon Plasma to Superstrings, Quantum Gravity and Beyond: Proceedings of the International School of Subnuclear Physics
  ''978-981-283-251-1Harald J W Muller-KirstenClassical Mechanics And Relativity
  ''978-981-283-252-8Harald J W Muller-KirstenClassical Mechanics and Relativity
2008978-981-283-260-3Mae Wan HoRainbow And The Worm, The: The Physics Of Organisms (3Rd Edition)
  ''978-981-283-262-7Qianli Xu · Andrew Yeh Ching Nee · Soh Khim OngDesign Reuse in Product Development Modeling, Analysis and Optimization (Series on Manufacturing Systems and Technology)
  ''978-981-283-273-3Nicolas PrivaultAN ELEMENTARY INTRODUCTION TO STOCHASTIC INTEREST RATE MODELING (Advanced Series on Statistical Science and Applied Probability)
  ''978-981-283-281-8Kyo Nishiyama · Michael Voit · Joachim HilgertInfinite Dimensional Harmonic Analysis IV: On the Interplay Between Representation Theory, Random Matrices, Special Functions, and Probability - Proceedings of the Fourth German-Japanese Symposium
  ''978-981-283-285-6Ashok DasLectures on Quantum Field Theory
2008978-981-283-286-3Ashok DasLectures of Quantum Field Theory
2009978-981-283-293-1Riccardo A AudisioAtlas of Procedures in Surgical Oncology with Critical, Evidence-based Commentary Notes (With DVD-ROM)
2008978-981-283-317-4Arthur LimSingapore's World-Class Research (Seri: Singapore Eye Research Institute)
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2010978-981-283-329-7Suzanne Kadereit · Gerald UdolphUmbilical Cord Blood: A Future for Regenerative Medicine?
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2008978-981-283-361-7Kiat Shi Tan · Willi-Hans Steeb · Yorick HardyComputer Algebra With Symbolic C++
2009978-981-283-366-2Thijs ten RaaInput-Output Economics: Theory and Applications: Featuring Asian Economies
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2009978-981-283-432-4Harald FritzschFundamental Constants, The: A Mystery Of Physics
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