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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-981-258-763-3Insight GuidesSouth Africa (Insight Guides)
2008978-981-258-764-0InsightInsight Guides South America
2009978-981-258-765-7Insight GuidesInsight Guides: South India
2008978-981-258-766-4   ''Spain (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-258-767-1   ''Insight Guides: Taiwan
  ''978-981-258-768-8   ''Insight Guides: Tanzania & Zanzibar
  ''978-981-258-771-8InsightInsight Guide Barcelona (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-258-772-5apaNepal Insight Guide (Insight Guides)
2008978-981-258-773-2Insight Pocket Guide: Barbados (Insight Pocket Guides)
2007978-981-258-776-3Sabah Insight Pocket Guide (Insight Pocket Guides)
2008978-981-258-779-4unknownGlasgow Insight Compact Guide (Insight Compact Guides)
2009978-981-258-780-0Guernsey Insight Compact Guide (Insight Compact Guides)
2008978-981-258-781-7Jersey Insight Compact Guide (Insight Compact Guides)
  ''978-981-258-784-8Snowdonia Insight Compact Guide (Insight Compact Guides)
  ''978-981-258-785-5Insight Compact Guide: St Lucia
  ''978-981-258-786-2St Petersburg Insight Compact Guide (Insight Compact Guides)
  ''978-981-258-790-9Italian Lakes Insight Compact Guide (Insight Compact Guides)
2008978-981-258-792-3Bruges Insight Smart Guide
  ''978-981-258-795-4Salzburg Insight Smart Guide
  ''978-981-258-797-8Insight GuidesHawaii (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-258-798-5Insight: Daily Mail Map of the World (Insight Pocket World Atlas)
2007978-981-258-800-5Insight World Time Globe (physical)
2008978-981-258-808-1Insight GuidesTokyo Insight Fleximap (Fleximaps)
978-981-258-813-5Plan de Rome - Flexi Map plastifié
  ''978-981-258-821-0new york
2011978-981-258-840-1Insight GuidesSilk Road (Insight Guides)
2008978-981-258-843-2   ''Copenhagen (Step by Step)
  ''978-981-258-844-9Matt JonesInsight Guides: Dubai Step by Step (Insight Step by Step)
  ''978-981-258-845-6Insight GuidesHong Kong (Step by Step)
  ''978-981-258-846-3Insight Guides: Krakow Step by Step (Insight Step by Step)
2008978-981-258-847-0Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Kuala Lumpur Step by Step (Insight Step by Step)
2008978-981-258-848-7Insight GuidesNew Zealand (Step by Step)
2009978-981-258-850-0   ''Italian Lakes (Regional Guides)
2008978-981-258-855-5Insight GuidesCuba (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-258-857-9Robert Fischer · Ute Friesen · Marcus WurmliInsight Illustrated Australia: Explore the World in Pictures
  ''978-981-258-858-6InsightInsight Illustrated Dream Cruises of the World
  ''978-981-258-860-9Insight Guides: Belgium
2008978-981-258-861-6Insight GuidesFlorence & Siena (City Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-258-862-3John Gattuso · Brian Bell · Ian Spick · Zoe GoodwinWashington D.C. (Insight Guides)
2007978-981-258-864-7New Zealand Insight Fascinating Earth
  ''978-981-258-865-4Thailand Insight Fascinating Earth
2008978-981-258-866-1John SykesInsight Illustrated Ireland: Explore the World in Pictures
  ''978-981-258-867-8InsightInsight Illustrated Italy: Explore the World in Pictures
  ''978-981-258-868-5variousScotland Insight Fascinating Earth
2008978-981-258-887-6Insight Flexi Map: London (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-981-258-888-3Insight Travel Maps: California
  ''978-981-258-889-0Insight Travel Maps: Canada
  ''978-981-258-890-6Insight Travel Maps: Crete
  ''978-981-258-891-3Insight Travel Maps: Croatia
2008978-981-258-892-0Insight Travel Maps: Great Britain & Ireland
2005978-981-258-893-7Insight Travel Maps: Greece & the Islands
2008978-981-258-894-4Insight Travel Maps: Italian Lakes
  ''978-981-258-895-1Insight Travel Maps: Morocco
  ''978-981-258-896-8Insight Travel Maps: Netherlands
  ''978-981-258-897-5Insight Travel Maps: Northern Spain
  ''978-981-258-898-2Insight Travel Maps: Norway
2008978-981-258-899-9Oman and UAE Insight Travel Map
  ''978-981-258-900-2Insight Travel Maps: Paris
  ''978-981-258-901-9Insight Travel Maps: Poland
  ''978-981-258-902-6Romania Insight Travel Map
  ''978-981-258-903-3Insight Travel Maps: Sardinia
2008978-981-258-904-0Insight GuidesInsight Travel Map: Sicily
  ''978-981-258-905-7Insight Travel Maps: Southern Spain
  ''978-981-258-906-4Insight Travel Maps: Turkey
  ''978-981-258-907-1Insight Travel Maps: Tuscany & Umbria
2005978-981-258-908-8Insight Travel Maps: Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos
  ''978-981-258-909-5Insight Travel Maps: Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Macedonia & Eastern Serbia
2008978-981-258-910-1Insight Travel Maps: Europe
2008978-981-258-911-8GeoGraphicInsight Travel Maps: France
  ''978-981-258-912-5Insight Travel Maps: Southern France
  ''978-981-258-913-2Insight Travel Maps: Austria
  ''978-981-258-914-9Insight Travel Maps: Belgium & Luxembourg
  ''978-981-258-915-6Insight Travel Maps: Canada West
2008978-981-258-916-3Insight Travel Maps: China
  ''978-981-258-917-0Insight Travel Maps: Germany
  ''978-981-258-918-7Insight Travel Maps: London
  ''978-981-258-919-4Insight Travel Maps: New England
  ''978-981-258-920-0Insight Travel Maps: Northern France
2008978-981-258-921-7Insight Travel Maps: Spain & Portugal
  ''978-981-258-922-4Insight Travel Maps: Florida
  ''978-981-258-924-8Insight Travel Maps: New Zealand
  ''978-981-258-925-5Insight Travel Maps: South Africa
  ''978-981-258-926-2Insight Travel Maps: India
2008978-981-258-927-9Insight Travel Maps: Andalucia & the Costa Del Sol
  ''978-981-258-929-3Insight Travel Maps: Switzerland
  ''978-981-258-930-9ApaInsight Travel Maps: Italy
2009978-981-258-964-4Insight GuidesBoston (Step by Step)
  ''978-981-258-966-8   ''Italian Lakes (Step by Step)
  ''978-981-258-968-2   ''San Francisco (Step by Step)
2009978-981-258-969-9Insight Guides: Singapore Step by Step (Insight Step by Step)
  ''978-981-258-970-5Insight GuidesVenice (Step by Step)
  ''978-981-258-976-7   ''Insight Smart Guides: Brussels
2009978-981-258-977-4Insight GuidesInsight Smart Guides: Cape Town
  ''978-981-258-979-8Insight Guides: Delhi Smart Guide (Insight Smart Guide)
  ''978-981-258-981-1Aviva West · Samantha CoomberInsight Guides: Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi Smart Guide (Insight Smart Guide)
  ''978-981-258-982-8Insight Guides: Kuala Lumpur Smart Guide (Insight Smart Guide)
2008978-981-258-983-5Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Perth Smart Guide (Insight Smart Guide)
2009978-981-258-985-9UnknownSt Petersburg Insight Smart Guide (Insight Smart Guides)
2008978-981-258-987-3Insight GuidesDubai Insight Fleximap (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-258-988-0Insight Flexi Map: Cologne (Insight Flexi Maps)
2008978-981-258-989-7Insight Flexi Map: Hamburg (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-981-258-990-3Insight Flexi Map: Nice, Cannes & Monte Carlo (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-981-258-991-0Insight Flexi Map: Lake Garda & Verona (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-981-258-992-7Guernsey Insight Flexi Map (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-981-258-993-4Dream Routes of the World
2008978-981-258-994-1Douglas WardInsight Guide Cruises: All Questions Answered
  ''978-981-258-995-8Insight GuidesBelize (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-258-996-5   ''Peru (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-258-997-2   ''Russia: Belarus & Ukraine (Insight Guides)