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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1993978-981-210-031-3Singapore women: Three decades of change
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  ''978-981-210-101-3Linda Low · T. C. AwHousing a Healthy, Educated and Wealthy Nation Through the Cpf
  ''978-981-210-108-2Tommy T. B. Koh · Amitav AcharyaThe Quest for World Order: Perspectives of a Pragmatic Idealist
1998978-981-210-134-1Albert LauA Moment of Anguish: Singapore in Malaysia and the Politics of Disengagement
2001978-981-210-156-3Vincent B. Y. OoiEvolving Identities: The English Language In Singapore and Malaysia
  ''978-981-210-162-4Gerald TanNewly Industrializing Countries of Asia: Third Edition
2003978-981-210-192-1Tim Bunnell · Lisa Drummond · Ho Kong Chong · Kong-Chong HoCritical Reflections on Cities in Southeast Asia (Asian Social Science)
  ''978-981-210-205-8Victor R. Savage · Brenda S. A. YeohToponymics: A Study of Singapore Street Names (Geography & Environment Research)
2003978-981-210-209-6Yik Koon Teh · Teh Yik KoonThe Mak Nyahs: Malaysian Male to Female Transsexuals (Gender Studies)
2002978-981-210-210-2Andrew T.H. Tan · Kumar RamakrishnaThe New Terrorism: Anatomy, Trends and Counter-Strategies (Regional Security Studies)
2003978-981-210-211-9Hussin MutalibParties and Politics: A Study of Opposition Parties and the Pap in Singapore
2006978-981-210-213-3Jean LeeChinese Culture & Chinese Business
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  ''978-981-210-246-1Rohan GunaratnaTerrorism in the Asia Pacific: Threat and Response
  ''978-981-210-266-9Ong Chit ChungOperation Matador: World War II: Britain's Attempt to Foil the Japanese Invasion of Malaya and Singapore
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2006978-981-210-280-5Rohan GunaratnaCombating Terrorism (Regionalism & Regional Security)
  ''978-981-210-282-9Wang NingGlobalization and China (Materialising China)
2006978-981-210-283-6Ban Kah Choon · Hu ZhuanglinEnglish and the Experience of Modernity
2005978-981-210-290-4Wang Ning · Ning WangGlobalization and Cultural Translation (Materialising China)
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2006978-981-210-307-9Tai-Chee Wong · Brian J. Shaw · Kim Chuan GohChallenging Sustainability: Urban Development and Change in Southeast Asia
  ''978-981-210-313-0Ban Kah ChoonMilitancy and Religion
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2006978-981-210-323-9Tan Ai-Girl · Law Lai-ChongTeachers in the 21st Century
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2005978-981-210-349-9Kevin Y. L. TanEssays In Singapore: Legal History
2004978-981-210-352-9Richard StubbsHearts And Minds In Guerrilla Warfare: The Malayan Emergency 1948-1960
2006978-981-210-354-3Amitav AcharyaRegionalism And The Insecurity Dilemma: Security And Defence Cooperation In Asean 1967-1990
2005978-981-210-355-0Chaiwat Satha-anandThe Life Of This World: Negotiated Muslim Lives In Thai Society (ISLAM IN ASIAN SERIES)
  ''978-981-210-360-4Leo SuryadinataPeranakan Chinese Politics In Java
2004978-981-210-364-2Victor R. Savage · Brenda S. A. YeohToponymics: A Study of Singapore Street Names (Geography & Environment Research)
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2005978-981-210-408-3Hussin MutalibParties And Politics: A Study Of Opposition Parties And The Pap In Singapore (Politics & International Relations)
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  ''978-981-210-431-1Lyn ParkerThe Agency of Women in Asia (Gender and Women Studies)
  ''978-981-210-435-9Syed Muhd. Khairudin AljuniedRethinking Raffles: A Study of Stamford Raffles' Discourse on Religions Amongst Malays
2005978-981-210-437-3T. C. A. Srnivasa Raghavan · Kripa SridharanA Compendium/dictionary of Modern Indian Politics And Economics
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2005978-981-210-446-5Rohan GunaratnaThe Changing Face of Terrorism
2006978-981-210-447-2Tan Khee Giap · Ivy Tan Aivee · Brenda Wong Yin YinAnnual Ips-ntu Asean 9+1 Competitiveness Ranking Indices