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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-976-8123-10-7Howard Johnson · Karl WatsonThe White Minority in the Caribbean
2001978-976-8123-16-9Christine Barrow · Rhoda ReddockCaribbean Sociology
1997978-976-8123-29-9P., H. · Fields Simmons-McDonald L. · RobertsWriting in English: A Course Book for Caribbean Students
2005978-976-8123-35-0Manuela Zephirin · Alison White · Wendy Clarke · Rosie JackmanThe Joys of Healthy Cooking in the Caribbean
1997978-976-8123-39-8Laxmi Mansingh · Ajai MansinghHome Away from Home: 150 Years of Indian Presence in Jamaica 1845-1995
1998978-976-8123-47-3David Barker · Carol Newby · Mike MorriseyA Reader in Caribbean Geography
1999978-976-8123-61-9Verene Shepherd · Hilary BecklesCaribbean Slavery in the Atlantic World: A Student Reader
2000978-976-8123-66-4Zips WernerBlack Rebels: African-Caribbean Freedom Fighters in Jamaica
1999978-976-8123-77-0James FergusonThe story of the Caribbean people
1998978-976-8123-78-7Hilary McD. BecklesCentering Woman: Gender Discourses in Caribbean Slave Society
1999978-976-8123-82-4Alissandra Cummins · Allison Thompson · Nick WhittleArt in Barbados