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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-975-6426-00-5Harun YahyaGlobal Freemasonry: The Masonic Philosophy Unveiled and Refuted
1999978-975-6426-01-2THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD (saas)
2004978-975-6426-02-9Harun YahyaSigns of the Last Day
2003978-975-6426-03-6   ''Why Darwinism Is Incompatible with the Quran
  ''978-975-6426-05-0   ''The Winter Of Islam And The Spring To Come
  ''978-975-6426-12-8   ''Taking the Quran As a Guide
  ''978-975-6426-13-5HARUN YAHYAOnly Love Can Defeat Terrorism
  ''978-975-6426-14-2Harun YahyaCommunism In Ambush (1/1)
2003978-975-6426-17-3Harun YahyaParadise the Believer's Real Home
  ''978-975-6426-18-0   ''Hopefulness in the Quran
  ''978-975-6426-19-7HARUN YAHYAThe Courage Of The Faithful
  ''978-975-6426-23-4Harun YahyaLearning From the Qur'an
  ''978-975-6426-24-1HARUN YAHYAA Definitive Reply to Evolutionist Propaganda
2003978-975-6426-25-8Harun YahyaPrayer in the Qur'an
2003978-975-6426-26-5Harun YahyaArticles 1 (Articles, 1/1)
  ''978-975-6426-32-6   ''Idealism the Philosophy of the Matrix and the True Nature of Matter
  ''978-975-6426-33-3   ''An Index to the Qur'an
2001978-975-6426-34-0   ''Signs of God: Design in Nature
2003978-975-6426-37-1HARUN YAHYAStories for Thinking Children 1
  ''978-975-6426-38-8   ''Stories for Thinking Children 2
2004978-975-6426-41-8Harun YahyaSome Secrets of the Qur'an
2004978-975-6426-42-5Harun YahyaThe Qur'an Leads the Way to Science
  ''978-975-6426-43-2   ''The Muslim Way of Speaking
  ''978-975-6426-44-9HARUN YAHYACommunist China's Policy of Oppression in East Turkestan
  ''978-975-6426-46-3   ''Fear of Allah
  ''978-975-6426-47-0Harun YahyaGlad Tidings of the Messiah
2004978-975-6426-48-7Harun YahyaA Call to an Islamic Union
  ''978-975-6426-49-4   ''The Signs of Jesus' Second Coming
978-975-6426-50-0Harun yahyaLa conception divine dans la nature
2004978-975-6426-51-7Harun YahyaNames Of Allah
  ''978-975-6426-52-4   ''A Call for Unity
2005978-975-6426-54-8Harun YahyaJesus (Pbuh) Did Not Die
  ''978-975-6426-55-5   ''Satan's Sly Game the False Religion of People-worship
2003978-975-6426-56-2HARUN YAHYAMaryam: An Exemplary Muslim Woman
2005978-975-6426-57-9   ''The Pains of the False World
2004978-975-6426-58-6   ''The End Times and Mahdi
  ''978-975-6426-59-3   ''The Secret Behind Our Trials
2005978-975-6426-60-9HARUN YAHYAProphet Abraham (Pbuh) and Prophet Lot (Pbuh)
  ''978-975-6426-61-6Harun YahyaThe Miracle in Mosquito
  ''978-975-6426-62-3   ''The Courage of the Faithful
  ''978-975-6426-63-0HARUN YAHYALoyalty Described in the Quran
2004978-975-6426-64-7   ''Passivity in Religion
2005978-975-6426-65-4Harun YahyaProphet Solomon (Pbuh)
2006978-975-6426-68-5   ''The Holocaust Violence
  ''978-975-6426-69-2   ''Love of Allah
2006978-975-6426-71-5Harun YahyaConsciousness in the Cell
2006978-975-6426-72-2Harun YahyaMiracle in the Eye
  ''978-975-6426-73-9   ''GOD'S GENTLE ARTISTRY
  ''978-975-6426-75-3   ''The Dark Spell of Darwinism
  ''978-975-6426-76-0   ''How Fossils Overturned Evolution
  ''978-975-6426-77-7Harun · translated by Carl Rossini · edited by Tam Mossman YahyaBiomimetics: Technology Imitates Nature
1999978-975-6426-82-1Harun YahyaThe Importance of the Ahl Al-sunnah
2009978-975-6426-86-9   ''Wisdom and Sound Advice From The Torah
2008978-975-6426-87-6Harun YahyaThe Religion of the Ignorant