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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-974-9511-02-2Wirdati Mohammad RadziMuslim Women and Sports in the Malay World: The Crossroads of Modernity and Faith (Islam in Southeast Asia: Views from Within Series)
2010978-974-9511-04-6Marina Minza WentyPerspectives on Polygamy in Post-Reform Indonesia (Islam in Southeast Asia: Views from Within)
2008978-974-9511-11-4Jajang JahroniDefending the Majesty of Islam: Indonesia's Front Pembela Islam, 1998-2003 (Islam in Southeast Asia: Views from Within)
2006978-974-9511-13-8Steven CollinsPali Grammar for Students
2007978-974-9511-18-3Thomas S. MaxwellOf Gods, Kings and Men: The Reliefs of Angkor Wat
  ''978-974-9511-22-0Steven MartinThe Art of Opium Antiques
  ''978-974-9511-24-4Daguan ZhouA Record of Cambodia: The Land and Its People
2008978-974-9511-26-8Michael K. JerrysonMongolian Buddhism: The Rise and Fall of the Sangha
2007978-974-9511-27-5Nguyen Van ThangAmbiguity of Identity: The Mieu in North Vietnam (Rcsd Monograph Series)
2008978-974-9511-29-9Frits KosterBuddhist Meditation in Stress Management
  ''978-974-9511-42-8Nick WilgusKiller Karma (Father Ananda Mystery)
2009978-974-9511-43-5Sai Aung TunHistory of the Shan State: From Its Origins to 1962
2010978-974-9511-44-2Silkworm Books Ltd / AuthorHistorical Walks in Yangon: A Myanmar Heritage Trust Guide Map (Myanmar Heritage Trust Guide Maps)
2009978-974-9511-59-6Bertil Lintner · Michael BlackMerchants of Madness: The Methamphetamine Explosion in the Golden Triangle
  ''978-974-9511-63-3Chang NotJungle Book: Thailand's Politics, Moral Panic, and Plunder, 1996-2008
2009978-974-9511-66-4Grant EvansThe Last Century of Lao Royalty: A Documentary History
  ''978-974-9511-68-8Vince J. LiCataCocktail: A Play about the Life and HIV Drug Development Work of Dr. Krisana Kraisintu
  ''978-974-9511-79-4Pasuk Phongpaichit · Chris BakerThaksin: Second Edition
2010978-974-9511-91-6Benedict RogersThan Shwe: Unmasking Burma's Tyrant
  ''978-974-9511-94-7Prapod AssavavirulhakarnThe Ascendancy of Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia
  ''978-974-9511-97-8Marc AskewLegitimacy Crisis in Thailand (King Prajadhipok's Institute Yearbook)
2010978-974-9511-98-5Chris Baker · Pasuk PhongpaichitThe Tale of Khun Chang Khun Phaen: Slipcased Set
  ''978-974-9511-99-2Carol StrattonWhat's What in a Wat: Thai Buddhist Temples