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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-974-8299-00-6Arthur PhayreHistory of Burma (Bibliotheca Orientalis)
1998978-974-8299-07-5Samten G. KarmayThe Little Luminous Boy (White Orchid Books)
2006978-974-8299-08-2David RobertsonNorth of India (Asian Portraits)
  ''978-974-8299-13-6Barry PetersenTiger Men (Asian Portraits)
  ''978-974-8299-14-3Bunhaeng Ung · Martin Stuart FoxThe Murderous Revolution (Asian Portraits)
  ''978-974-8299-16-7Engelbert KaempferA Description of the Kingdom of Siam 1690 (Itineraria Asiatica: Thailand)
  ''978-974-8299-17-4Tashi KhedrupAdventures of Tibetan Fighting Monk (Asian Portraits)
2006978-974-8299-25-9Mya Than TintOn the Road to Mandalay (Asian Portraits)
  ''978-974-8299-33-4David MurrayAngels and Devils: Thai Politics
2010978-974-8299-34-1Per KvaerneAn Anthology of Buddhist Tantric Songs: A Study of the Caryagiti
1994978-974-8299-37-2Sven BromanChinese Shadow Theatre Libretti (White Orchid Books)
1989978-974-8299-45-7E. T. C. WernerChinese Weapons (Bibliotheca Orientalis: China)
2006978-974-8299-50-1Kalpana SahniCrucifying the Orient (Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture)
  ''978-974-8299-58-7Somerset W. MaughaThe Gentleman in the Parlour (Itineraria Asiatica: Burma)
  ''978-974-8299-61-7Ma ThanegiIllusion of Life: Burmese Marionettes, The (White Orchid Books)
  ''978-974-8299-69-3Andrew P. MillerLanguages and History: Japanese, Korean, and Altaic
1997978-974-8299-72-3Donald A. MesserschmidtMoran of Kathmandu: Pioneer Priest, Educator and Ham Radio Voice of the Himalaya (Asian portraits)
2006978-974-8299-73-0F. O. OertelA Tour in Burma March & April 1892 (Itineraria Asiatica: Burma)
2006978-974-8299-79-2Grant ColesworthyRough Pencillings of a Rough Trip (Itineraria Asiatica: Burma)
1987978-974-8299-84-6P.A. ThompsonSiam: An Account of the Country and the People
2006978-974-8299-90-7Carl BockTemples and Elephants (Itineraria Asiatica)