OMF Literature

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-971-511-084-6Alban DouglasOne Hundred Bible Lessons
1990978-971-511-171-3Melba Padilla MaggayA faith for the emptiness of our time
1991978-971-511-234-5Frank WorthenHelping People Step Out of Homosexuality
1993978-971-511-316-8Blessie C. PadillaAte na si Arra!
2004978-971-511-397-7Si Duglit, Ang Dugong Makulit (English-Tagalog)
978-971-511-492-9Si Dan Tandang At Ang Kahong Umiilaw (English-tagalog) (Tutubu Patrol 7)
2006978-971-511-547-6William W. OrrHow to keep your husband happy
2000978-971-511-660-2George VerwerOut of the comfort zone and into missions
2003978-971-511-784-5Wonsuk Ma · Julie C. MaAsian Church & God's Mission
2004978-971-511-813-2Paul HattawayTitle: THE HEAVENLY MAN
  ''978-971-511-878-1William Pentak Dr. Kevin LemanThe Way of the Shepherd / 7 Ancient Secrets to Managing Productive People
2005978-971-511-906-1Flor Ulan-TaylorWhen God Tells You to Rest
2006978-971-511-918-4What makes a Winner: Principles from the Bible for Business and Life
978-971-511-929-0FS Rhinestone Diamond bling SEXY letters Hard Back Case for Apple iPhone 5 5G S120
2008978-971-511-970-2TRUE GRIT-Women Taking on the World for God's Sake