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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-965-7599-00-6Dovid SussmanPrime Suspect
聽 ''978-965-7599-01-3Shani BrownIzzy and Ezzy and the Winning Play
聽 ''978-965-7599-02-0 聽 ''Izzy and Ezzy Enjoy a Snow Day
聽 ''978-965-7599-03-7Rabbi Avi ShafranIt's All in the Angle
聽 ''978-965-7599-04-4Rabbi Yirmiyohu KaganoffFrom Buffalo Burgers to Monetary Mysteries
2014978-965-7599-05-1Levi GoldsteinAri's Extremely Important Mission
2013978-965-7599-06-8Rochel BurstynChoices - An assortment of delicious stories
2013978-965-7599-07-5Chaya Sara Ben ShacharWinners -- Best Short Stories - Teen Writing Contest
聽 ''978-965-7599-08-2Bracha GoetzLet's Stay Pure
2014978-965-7599-09-9Sarah FeldbrandEsperanza -- A novel
聽 ''978-965-7599-10-5Rabbi Shmuel AssayagA Gadol in Our Midst
2013978-965-7599-13-6Shiloh, Rabbi Ben-davidShalom Aleichem: A Collection of Halachos, Aggados and Anecdotes About Greeting People
聽 ''978-965-7599-14-3Rabbi Gershon MeltzerLiving Halacha - Vol. 1
2014978-965-7599-16-7Rav Gershon MeltzerLiving Halacha - Vol. 2; The Laws of Tzitzis - Shulchan Aruch 8-24
2017978-965-7599-22-8Eliyahu MillerWho Knows 9?: The Essential Guide to Self-Publishing