Jewish Book

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-965-7412-12-1Frima GurfinkelBook of Praises - Tehillim in Russian
2009978-965-7412-13-8Rabbi Yehuda Leib AshlagIntroduction to the World of the Zohar.(8 Vol. Set) Hebrew-Russian (Introduction to the world of the Zohar)
2008978-965-7412-14-5Moshe-Chaim LutzattoLogic and Rhetoric in Russian
  ''978-965-7412-15-2Adam DavidovMishley. Tellings of Wise King in Russian
2009978-965-7412-16-9Frima GurfinkelBook of Shmuel with commentaries in Russian
  ''978-965-7412-18-3Avragam Ibn-EzraBeginning of Wisdom, The Book of Reasons in Russian
  ''978-965-7412-19-0Adam DavidovIyov in Russian
  ''978-965-7412-20-6Frima GurfinkelBook of Tsars in Russian
2009978-965-7412-21-3Adam DavidovDerech Eretz. Road of Life in Russian and Hebrew.
  ''978-965-7412-22-0Yosef Yitzchak, of Lubavitch, Rebbe SchneersohnSefer Hazichroynoys. Beginning of Chasidism in Russian
  ''978-965-7412-23-7rabbi ShimonRabbi Shimon. Fragments From the Book Zohar in Russian
2010978-965-7412-24-4rabi Nahman from BraslavDoctrine of rabi Nahman From Braslav. Fantastic Stories, Conversations in Russian
  ''978-965-7412-25-1Gershon BermanStill Small Voice in Russian
  ''978-965-7412-26-8Baruch, r. ChaitMy Friends - Alef Beis in Hebrew and Russian
2010978-965-7412-27-5Frima GurfinkelBook of Isaiah. 3 volumes with commentaries in Russian
  ''978-965-7412-28-2Adam DavidovJewish Caucasian in Russian
  ''978-965-7412-30-5Frima GurfinkelBook of Jeremiah. 2 volumes with commentaries in Russian
  ''978-965-7412-32-9Reuven PyatigorskySiddur for Beginners With Transliteration in Russian
2011978-965-7412-33-6Frima GurfinkelBook of Joshua with commentaries of Rashi and Abravanel in Russian