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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-965-7344-00-2Leah ShinnarThe Butterfly and the Flame
2004978-965-7344-01-9Henry Tzvi LantnerA Nation Scattered... Should Jews Still Live in the Diaspora
2005978-965-7344-02-6Myrna BinunA Magical Marriage
2007978-965-7344-03-3Shulamit Goldberger · Milan GoldbergerPetra... If The Stones Could Speak
  ''978-965-7344-04-0Hadassah HaskaleDreaming Beyond War
2006978-965-7344-06-4Michael KleinAn Odyssey Of Survival
2017978-965-7344-07-1Leah ShinnarThe Butterfly And The Flame: Stories of Jewish Life From Krakow To Israel
2006978-965-7344-09-5Brigitte Ringer NennerGedanken und Gedenken
  ''978-965-7344-10-1Paul AzousIn The Plains Of The Wilderness
2015978-965-7344-12-5Aharon BierFor The Sake Of Jerusalem
2007978-965-7344-13-2David RubinGod, Israel, and Shiloh
  ''978-965-7344-14-9Laura Ben-DavidMoving Up: An Aliyah Journal
  ''978-965-7344-15-6Eve ElovicTill They Meet Again
2007978-965-7344-16-3Esther WeberA Life Of Triumph: A Story Of Survival
  ''978-965-7344-17-0Moshe AvitalQuiz Me On The Torah: Bible Questions and Answers For All Ages (Quiz Questions From The Bible)
978-965-7344-18-7Yechezkel HirshmanOne Above and Seven Below: A Consumer's Guideto Orthodox Judaism From The Perspective of the Chareidim
2017978-965-7344-19-4Shifra ShomronGrains Of Sand: The Fall Of Neve Dekalim
2007978-965-7344-20-0Dvora WaysmanSeeds Of The Pomegranate: A Sequel To The Pomegranate Pendant
2017978-965-7344-21-7Dvora WaysmanThe Pomegranate Pendant (Large Print)
  ''978-965-7344-22-4   ''The Pomegranate Pendant
2007978-965-7344-23-1Esther WeberA Life Of Triumph: A Story Of Survival
  ''978-965-7344-24-8Charles S. WeinblattJacob's Courage: A Holocaust Love Story
  ''978-965-7344-25-5Fred GottliebMy Opa: The Diary Of A German Rabbi
2007978-965-7344-26-2Asher Ben NatanThe Audacity To Live
2015978-965-7344-27-9Bracha WeisbarthTo Live And Fight Another Day: The Story Of A Jewish Partisan Boy
  ''978-965-7344-28-6Sonia Saeta MichelsonHome At Last: My First Year In Israel
2007978-965-7344-29-3Hadassah HaskaleWayfaring
  ''978-965-7344-30-9I. H. ReissThe Boy In The Invisible Box
  ''978-965-7344-31-6Gila Gat TilmanScience, Pseudo-Science, And Moral Values
2016978-965-7344-32-3Paul AzousIn the Plains of the Wilderness: Anthologies of Modern Jewish History
2007978-965-7344-33-0Myrna BinunA Magical Marriage
2008978-965-7344-34-7Yaakov ReinbachHardbitten Memories: In The Blink Of An Eye: Memories Of A Child Born In A Displaced Persons Camp
2015978-965-7344-35-4Henry Tzvi LantnerA Nation Scattered: Should Jews Still Live In The Diaspora
2007978-965-7344-36-1Moshe AvitalHamesha Me Yodayah (Hebrew Edition)
  ''978-965-7344-38-5Yechezkel HirshmanOne Above and Seven Below: A Consumer's Guide to Orthodox Judaism from the Perspective of the Chareidim
2015978-965-7344-39-2Jan KotChestnut Roulette: The Amazing Story of a Lvov Jewish Youth Who Triumphs Over Adversity, Outwitting the Nazis and Luftwaffe!
2008978-965-7344-40-8Naftali DeutschA Holocaust Survivor: In The Footsteps Of His Past: A Fascinating Chronicle Of A Jewish Boy?s Miraculous Survival From Five Concentration Camps
2012978-965-7344-41-5Bracha WeisbarthTo Live And Fight Another Day (Hebrew) (Hebrew Edition)
2008978-965-7344-44-6Meir DeutschYalde Shabat
2008978-965-7344-45-3Rabbi Shmuel JablonThe Student's Pesach Haggadah (English and Hebrew Edition)
  ''978-965-7344-46-0Moshe AvitalNot To Forget, Impossible To Forgive: Poignant Reflections on the Holocaust
2017978-965-7344-47-7Ellen GordonA Verseful Of Jewish Holidays
2008978-965-7344-48-4Guido Robert WeinrebFortunate Life
2009978-965-7344-49-1Stefen Yitzchak SattlerTorah and Color: Color As Your Key To The Parsha
2008978-965-7344-50-7Rabbi Mayer MoskowitzKazeh Reeh Vekadesh (Hebrew- A Memoir of Sanctity) With CD of Stories and Songs and a Short English Section in Back by Rabbi Mayer Moskowitz
  ''978-965-7344-51-4MOSHE AVITALNACH ME YODAYAH (HEBREW) (Hebrew Edition)
  ''978-965-7344-52-1Howard GriefThe Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law
  ''978-965-7344-53-8Ephraim Levy GastwirthIn Search Of Holiness
2008978-965-7344-54-5Fred GottliebMy Childhood In Siegburg: 1929-1938
  ''978-965-7344-55-2Moshe AvitalQuiz Me On Nach: Volume 1: The Early Prophets and the Five Megillot. (Quiz Questions From The Bible)
2015978-965-7344-56-9Rafael RuppinThe Jericho Scrolls: Stories Josephus Could Not Tell About Eretz Israel!
2016978-965-7344-58-3Dvora WaysmanIn A Good Pasture: A Captivating Story Of Aliyah
2009978-965-7344-59-0Chaim MazoLegacy of My Life: A Journal for the Jewish Memoir Writer
  ''978-965-7344-60-6Yisrael KestenbaumWhence My Help Come: Caregiving In The Jewish Tradition
  ''978-965-7344-61-3   ''Whence My Help Come: Caregiving In The Jewish Tradition
2010978-965-7344-62-0Moshe AvitalThe Failure of Man and the Enigma of God's Silence: Penetrating Commentary on the Holocaust
  ''978-965-7344-64-4Edna ChayenA Green Fantasy: Ruthie Discovers The Secret To Noah's Ecosystem
2016978-965-7344-65-1Rabbi Yehuda SchwartzThe Alternative: No Moshiach for Yisrael
2010978-965-7344-66-8Ann Bell KarlinThe Search for the Roots of Anti-Semitism
  ''978-965-7344-68-2Ann KarlinANOTHER TIME - ANOTHER PLACE
  ''978-965-7344-70-5Eve ElovicI Am Who I Am
  ''978-965-7344-71-2Half Life: The Memoir of Eugene Sucov--Volume One
  ''978-965-7344-72-9Chava LehmanThe Laughter And The Tears: Building A Jewish School To Reveal The 'Kisharon' Of Each Child
2010978-965-7344-73-6MOSHE AVITALNACH ME YODAYAH-VOLUME 2 (HEBREW) (Hebrew Edition)
2016978-965-7344-74-3Batsheva IsraeleviNever Leave Me
2015978-965-7344-75-0Ann Bell KarlinThe Art Of Creativity