year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-965-7165-09-6Y EttingerThe Golan Heights and the facts (ACPR Policy Paper)
聽 ''978-965-7165-12-6Yisrael MedadJerusalem's Temple Mount: A Jewish-Muslim flashpoint (ACPR policy paper)
聽 ''978-965-7165-13-3Yoash Tsiddon-Chatto 路 Shawn Pine 路 Mordechai Nisan 路 Dany ShohamPeace With Syria: No Margin For Error
2001978-965-7165-16-4Raya EpsteinJudaism's encounter with European culture and totalitarianism (ACPR policy paper)
聽 ''978-965-7165-18-8Arieh (editor) StavIsrael and a Palestinian State: Zero Sum Game?
聽 ''978-965-7165-19-5Yitzhak KleinIsrael's War With the Palestinians: Sources, Political Objectives, and Operational Means (ACPR policy paper)
2001978-965-7165-21-8R IsraeliThe Oslo delusion - or the collapse of axioms (ACPR Policy Paper)
聽 ''978-965-7165-22-5Y ShabathHamas and the peace process (ACPR Policy Paper)
聽 ''978-965-7165-23-2Dany ShohamChemical and biological weapons in the Arab countries and Iran: An existential threat to Israel?
聽 ''978-965-7165-27-0Gal LuftThe Palestinians Security Forces: Capabilities and effects on the Arab-Israeli military balance (ACPR Policy Paper)
聽 ''978-965-7165-28-7R IsraeliThe Terrorist Masquerade (ACPR Policy Paper)
2002978-965-7165-38-6David BukayTotal Terrorism in the Name of Allah: the Emergence of the New Islamic Fundamentalists
2003978-965-7165-47-8Raphael IsraeliAsia: the emerging hub of world Muslim terrorism
2008978-965-7165-78-2Raphael IsraeliArabs in Israel: Friends or Foes

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