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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2006978-965-7052-35-8Umberto CassutoThe Documentary Hypothesis
聽 ''978-965-7052-37-2Petrus CunaeusThe Hebrew Republic
2007978-965-7052-38-9 聽 ''The Hebrew Republic
聽 ''978-965-7052-44-0David Hazony 路 Yoram Hazony 路 Michael B. OrenNew Essays on Zionism
2008978-965-7052-45-7Gordon SchochetFania Oz-Salzberger 路 Meirav JonesPolitical Hebraism: Judaic Sources in Early Modern Political Thought
2010978-965-7052-48-8Carlo SigonioThe Hebrew Republic
聽 ''978-965-7052-55-6Eliezer BerkovitsNot in Heaven: The Nature and Function of Jewish Law (Contemporary Jewish Thought)
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2011978-965-7052-71-6Shmuel TriganoPhilosophy of the Law: The Political in the Torah (Contemporary Jewish Thought)
2008978-965-7052-74-7Eilat MazarPreliminary Report on The City of David Excavations 2005 at the Visitors Center Area