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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-965-494-000-9Connie IslinCrystals: Types, Use and Meaning (Complete Guides series)
2001978-965-494-003-0David MichaeliMomentary Reflections on Movement: The Spirit of T'ai Chi
1998978-965-494-004-7Sara ZedThe Complete Guide to Coffee Grounds and Tea Leaf Reading (Complete Guides series)
  ''978-965-494-005-4Eili GoldbergThe Dictionary of Dreams (Complete Guides series)
  ''978-965-494-006-1Lo Po HuThe Tao of Silence
  ''978-965-494-007-8Hali MoragTarot Reading (Complete Guides series)
  ''978-965-494-008-5Eidan OrMeditation: The Journey to Your Inner World (Complete Guides series)
1998978-965-494-009-2Batia ShorekThe Complete Guide to Palmistry (Astrolog Complete Guides series)
  ''978-965-494-029-0Tiḳṿah Avrahamha-Yofi ha-penimi (Hebrew Edition)
1999978-965-494-036-8Lily RoomanLittle Big Book of Chakras (Little Big Book of . . . Series)
  ''978-965-494-037-5Connie IslinLittle Big Book of Crystals and Stones (Little Big Book of . . . Series)
  ''978-965-494-038-2Hali MoragRunes (Little Big Book of . . . Series)
  ''978-965-494-039-9Keren LewisTarot (Little Big Book of . . . Series)
1998978-965-494-040-5Hali MoragPlaying Cards: Predicting Your Future (Astrolog Complete Guide)
1998978-965-494-041-2David LordLittle Big Book of Bach Flower Remedies (Little Big Book of . . . Series)
  ''978-965-494-042-9Rachel LewinHolistic Healing: A Practical Guide (The Healing series)
  ''978-965-494-043-6Batia ShorekLittle Big Book of Basic Palmistry (Little Big Book of . . . Series)
1999978-965-494-044-3Richard Taylor · Wang TannFeng Shui: A Practical Guide (The Healing series)
1998978-965-494-045-0Lia RobinLittle Big Book of Basic Numerology (Little Big Book of . . . Series)
  ''978-965-494-046-7Bill Waites · Master NaharoReiki: A Practical Guide (The Healing series)
  ''978-965-494-047-4Eili GoldbergLittle Big Book of Dream Interpretation (Little Big Book of . . . Series)
2002978-965-494-048-1Elza ShinfeldMiracles Happen to Women Who Believe in Love
1998978-965-494-049-8Nizan WeismanLittle Big Book of I Ching (Little Big Book of . . . Series)
1999978-965-494-050-4   ''The I Ching (Complete Guides series)
1998978-965-494-051-1Amanda StarrThe Zodiac: A Year of Signs (Little Big Book of . . . Series)
1999978-965-494-052-8Marion WaymanAromatherapy: A Practical Guide (The Healing series)
1998978-965-494-053-5Connie IslinLittle Big Book of Aura: Understanding, Seeing and Healing (Little Big Book of . . . Series)
1999978-965-494-054-2Nathan B. StraussReflexology: A Practical Guide (Astrolog The Healing Series)
1998978-965-494-055-9Keren LewisThe Tarot of Love (Little Big Book of . . . Series)
1999978-965-494-056-6Nathan B. StraussShiatsu: A Practical Guide (The Healing series)
1998978-965-494-057-3Lia RobinDay-by-Day Numerology (Complete Guides series)
1999978-965-494-058-0David LordBach Flower Remedies: Diagnosis and Treatment (The Healing series)
1998978-965-494-059-7Amanda StarrUsing Astrology to Choose Your Partner (Complete Guides series)
1999978-965-494-060-3Solomon L. GoldErotic Dreams: Revealing the Secrets of the Night
1999978-965-494-061-0Eili GoldbergAll About Dreams
  ''978-965-494-062-7Hali MoragAll About Tarot
2001978-965-494-063-4Amanda StarrMy Sign is Aries (Astrology for Young Adults)
  ''978-965-494-064-1   ''My Sign is Taurus (Astrology for Young Adults)
  ''978-965-494-065-8   ''My Sign is Gemini (Astrology for Young Adults)
  ''978-965-494-066-5   ''My Sign is Cancer (Astrology for Young Adults)
2001978-965-494-067-2Amanda StarrMy Sign is Leo (Astrology for Young Adults)
2001978-965-494-068-9Amanda StarrMy Sign is Virgo (Astrology for Young Adults)
  ''978-965-494-069-6   ''My Sign is Libra (Astrology for Young Adults)
  ''978-965-494-070-2   ''My Sign is Scorpio (Astrology for Young Adults)
  ''978-965-494-071-9   ''My Sign is Sagittarius (Astrology for Young Adults)
  ''978-965-494-072-6   ''My Sign is Capricorn (Astrology for Young Adults)
2001978-965-494-073-3Amanda StarrMy Sign is Aquarius (Astrology for Young Adults)
2001978-965-494-074-0Amanda StarrMy Sign is Pisces (Astrology for Young Adults)
1999978-965-494-087-0   ''My Sign Is.... (My Star Is ....series)
  ''978-965-494-088-7Astrolog Publishing House LtdLittle Big Books Boxed Set (Little Big Book Serie)
2001978-965-494-089-4VatsyayanaThe Kama Sutra: The Erotic Essence of India (Essence of Erotica series)
2000978-965-494-090-0Jared O'KeefePendulums (Complete Guides series)
  ''978-965-494-091-7Nathan B. StraussShiatsu for Lovers: A Practical Guide (The Healing series)
2001978-965-494-092-4Richard TaylorFeng Shui for the Modern City: A Practical Guide (The Healing series)
2000978-965-494-093-1Sarah ZehaviAll About Predicting the Future
978-965-494-094-8All About Palmistry (All About)
1999978-965-494-095-5Roxanne McGuireChanneling: Developing Your Intuition and Awareness (Complete Guides series)
2000978-965-494-096-2Eili GoldbergThe Ultimate Dictionary of Dreams
2001978-965-494-097-9Amanda StarrAstrology (Complete Guides series)
2000978-965-494-098-6Jon TillmanVitamins (Pocket Healing Books)
  ''978-965-494-099-3Pietro SantiniWhat Moles Tell You About Yourself (Complete Guides series)
  ''978-965-494-100-6Ilona MelmanHolistic Healing (Pocket Healing Books)
2000978-965-494-101-3Jocelyne CookeSecrets of the Body: Your Character and Future Revealed (Complete Guides series)
  ''978-965-494-102-0Chantal DupontReiki: A Practical Guide to Applying Reiki to Everyday Life and Situations (Pocket Healing Books)
978-965-494-103-7Fifty Massage Points for Self-Healing: A Practical Guide (Healing (Astrolog))
2000978-965-494-104-4Kevin HudsonAromatherapy (Pocket Healing Books)
2001978-965-494-105-1Graham TravisColor Healing: A Practical Guide (The Healing series)
  ''978-965-494-106-8Jocelyne CookeSecrets of the Face: Your Character and Future Revealed (Complete Guides series)
  ''978-965-494-107-5Bill WaitesAura-Reiki: A Practical Guide to Using Reiki to Heal the Aura (The Healing series)
2002978-965-494-108-2Tabatha JenningsDay-By-Day Wicca: Complete Guide (Complete Guides Series, 4)
2001978-965-494-109-9Lia RobinAll About Numerology
  ''978-965-494-110-5Tabatha JenningsAll About the Wicca of Love
2001978-965-494-111-2Connie IslinAll About Crystals
2000978-965-494-113-6Susan HoldenBach Flowers (Pocket Healing Books)
  ''978-965-494-114-3Dan WolfHerbal Remedies (Pocket Healing Books)
  ''978-965-494-115-0Jon TillmanMinerals (Pocket Healing Books)
  ''978-965-494-116-7Barbara WhiteColor Healing (Pocket Healing Books)
2001978-965-494-117-4Beatrice AvrahamThai Massage: Knowing Where and How to Touch (Quality of Life, 1)
  ''978-965-494-118-1Rivka GadishExercises for Women: Who Suffer from Urine Leakage, Lack of Libido, and Impaired Vitality (The Quality of Life series)
2001978-965-494-119-8Master Naharo · Gail RadfordThe Complete Reiki Course (The Quality of Life series)
  ''978-965-494-120-4Hali MoragTarot (The Ultimate Full-Color Guide series)
978-965-494-121-1Palmistry (The Ultimate Full-Color Guide series)
2002978-965-494-122-8Eili GoldbergDreams (The Ultimate Full-Color Guide series)
2001978-965-494-123-5Limor ZoharMirror Therapy: A Spiritual Journey into Your Subconscious
  ''978-965-494-124-2Rosie ReichmannAgeless Yoga: Yoga Exercises for Improving Your Life at Any Age! (Quality of Life (Ideals))
2004978-965-494-125-9Robert T. SamuelThe Samurai: The Philosophy of Victory
2002978-965-494-126-6Richard SpiegelThe Last World: The Taoist and Native American Philosophies as a Way of Living in Harmony with Nature
  ''978-965-494-127-3Cecilia TzukimA Fish Out of Water: One Woman's Odyssey Through Gay Tel Aviv
  ''978-965-494-128-0Barbara Schipper-BergsteinThe Biochemical Key: A Practical Way to Control Your Weight – Advice and Recipes
2002978-965-494-129-7Sara ZedPredicting the Future with Dominoes (Complete Guides series)
  ''978-965-494-130-3   ''Predicting the Future with Dice (Complete Guides series)
  ''978-965-494-131-0Amanda StarrChinese Astrology (Complete Guides series)
  ''978-965-494-132-7Connie IslinCrystals (The Ultimate Full-Color Guide series)
2004978-965-494-133-4Nathan B. StraussHatha Yoga (Pocket Healing Book)
2002978-965-494-134-1Barbara Radcliffe WhiteBreathing (Pocket Healing Book)
  ''978-965-494-135-8Chantal DupontBasic Wushu: The Fundamentals of Chinese Exercise (Pocket Healing Book)
2002978-965-494-136-5Chantal DupontWushu for Infants (Pocket Healing Book)
2004978-965-494-137-2Marion WaymanAromatherapy Treatments (Quality of Life)
2002978-965-494-138-9Tom PearsonAll About the Sixth Sense: Exploring the Extrasensory World
  ''978-965-494-139-6Andrew T. CummingsAll About Symbols: Understanding The Unwritten Language of Symbols from Mythology, Astrology, Dreams, Etc.
  ''978-965-494-140-2Bret NortonThe Golden Lotus: The Erotic Essence of China
  ''978-965-494-141-9Leonie MatthewsSorry!
  ''978-965-494-142-6   ''Thanks!
2002978-965-494-143-3Edward B. GouldSextrology: Astrology for a Great Sex Life
  ''978-965-494-144-0Bret NortonShunga: The Essence of Japanese Pillow-Book Eroticism (Essence of Erotica series)
  ''978-965-494-145-7Elizabeth BenchleyCleopatra: The Life and Loves of the World's Most Powerful Woman (Historical Figures series)
  ''978-965-494-146-4Sara ZedOmens and Superstitions (Complete Guides series)
  ''978-965-494-147-1Batia ShorekCandle Magic (Ultimate Full-Color Guide series, The)
2003978-965-494-148-8Tabatha JenningsSpells (The Ultimate Full-Color Guide series)
2002978-965-494-149-5Lily RoomanAll About Chakras: Knowing and Activating the Body's Energy Centers
2002978-965-494-150-1Tsao Hsueh-Lien · Bruce ThorntonMeridians: Using the Chinese Energy Map for Your Health (The Quality of Life series)
  ''978-965-494-152-5Leonie MeadowsI Love You
  ''978-965-494-153-2   ''Happily Ever After . . .: Get Married & Stay Married
2003978-965-494-154-9Bret NortonEASTERN EROTICA: Chinese, Indian, and Japanese Eroticism in Art and Literature (Essence of Erotica series)
2002978-965-494-155-6Hali MoragRunes (Complete Guides series)
2003978-965-494-156-3Lao TzuTao Te Ching: The Cornerstone of Chinese Culture (Cornerstone of . . . Series)
2002978-965-494-157-0Raphael YedidiaTarot And Kabbala: Way to Self-improvement Using the Tree of Life and Tarot Cards
2003978-965-494-158-7Ed S. MiltonCoffee: A Cultural History from Around the World (Astonishing Facts About . . . Series)
2003978-965-494-159-4Ed S. MiltonTea: A Cultural History from Around the World (Astonishing Facts About . . . Series)
  ''978-965-494-160-0   ''Olive Oil: A Cultural History from Around the World (Astonishing Facts About . . . Series)
2002978-965-494-161-7   ''Wine: A Cultural History from Around the World (Astonishing Facts About . . . Series)
  ''978-965-494-162-4Connie IslinThe Joy of Crystals and Stones (The Joy of . . . Series)
2003978-965-494-163-1Juliette VerdunSex Tips That Take You Over the Top
2002978-965-494-164-8Keren LewisThe Joy of Tarot (The Joy of . . . Series)
  ''978-965-494-165-5Amanda StarrThe Joy of the Zodiac (The Joy of . . . Series)
  ''978-965-494-166-2Eili GoldbergThe Joy of Dream Interpretation (The Joy of . . . Series)
2003978-965-494-167-9Joseph Toledano · none) El-QhamidEgyptian Erotica: The Essence of Ancient Egyptian Erotica in Art and Literature (Essence of Erotica series)
2003978-965-494-168-6Joseph ToledanoEgyptian Magic: The Forbidden Secrets of Ancient Egypt
  ''978-965-494-169-3Diana Phillips-SummersVampires: A Bloodthirsty History in Art and Literature
  ''978-965-494-170-9Susan Holden · Kevin Hudson · Jon Tillman · Dan WolfThe Ultimate Guide to Health from Nature: Vitamins, Minerals, Herbal Remedies, Bach Flower Remedies, and Aromatherapy Essential Oils
2004978-965-494-171-6Gail RadfordTantric Reiki: How to Use Reiki to Enhance Love and Sex
2003978-965-494-172-3Miyamoto MusashiThe Book of Five Rings: The Cornerstone of Japanese Culture (Cornerstone of . . . Series)
  ''978-965-494-173-0Tabatha JenningsGood Witchs Almanac: 505 Wicca Tips for Better Living
  ''978-965-494-174-7Graham TravisAuras: The Ultimate Full Colour Guide (Ultimate Full-Color Guide)
2003978-965-494-175-4Rev. Angel RumanoAlexander the Great: Who Conquered the World by the Age of 32 (Historical Figures series)
  ''978-965-494-176-1Bret NortonThe Perfumed Garden: Erotica Behind the Harem Walls (Essence of Erotica series)
2005978-965-494-177-8Chantal DupontWushu: The Basics of Chinese Exercises for the Whole Family
2004978-965-494-178-5Eili GoldbergThe Encyclopedia of Dream Interpretation
  ''978-965-494-179-2Sun TzuThe Art of War: The Cornerstone of Chinese Strategy (Cornerstone of . . . Series)
  ''978-965-494-180-8Emil RachueanTantric Sex: Heightening Sexual Pleasure
2003978-965-494-181-5Vikkar TagorKundalini: Discover the Secret Wealth of Energy in Your Body
  ''978-965-494-182-2Dan WolfHealing Herbs of the Holy Land: Herbs from the Bible for Today
2004978-965-494-183-9Pierre Dubois · Daniel AkermanCasanova: The Life and Loves of the World's Most Famous Lover
2005978-965-494-184-6Galia DorMarco Polo: Journeys and Thoughts of a 13th Century Traveler
2004978-965-494-185-3   ''Dolphins: Their Natural History, Behavior and Unique Relationship with Human Beings
2004978-965-494-186-0Leonie MeadowsKiss
  ''978-965-494-187-7Rosemary Brant · Chou-Wing Chohan · Abe BellenteenThe Tao of the Huainan Masters: A Cornerstone of Chinese Thought (Cornerstone of . . . Series)
  ''978-965-494-188-4Andrew T. CummingsMyth and Mythology: Tales from the Ancient World
  ''978-965-494-189-1Joseph ToledanoAfrican Erotica: The Essence of African Erotica in Art and Literature (Essence of Erotica series)
  ''978-965-494-190-7Rephael YedidyaKabbala: A Dictionary of Terms, Practices and Applications
978-965-494-191-4Angels: Bringing Angels into Your Life
2004978-965-494-192-1Avishay GershonyHealing Illness and Karma: An Anthroposophic Approach According to Rudolf Steiner's Teachings
2004978-965-494-193-8Robert ParishAll About Reincarnation: Legends, Beliefs, Theories and Personal Experiences
  ''978-965-494-194-5Baltazar GracianThe Manual of Prudence: 400 Years of Worldly Wisdom
  ''978-965-494-195-2Abraham GreenJudaic Artifacts: Unlocking the Secrets of Judaic Charms and Amulets (English and Hebrew Edition)
978-965-494-196-9Hannibal: The Elephant-Riding General
978-965-494-197-6The Story of Lust: The Underground Erotica of Victorian England
2009978-965-494-198-3Eili Goldberg · Hali MoragDreaming with Tarot: Using Tarot Cards to Invoke Your Dreams
2004978-965-494-199-0Merina ValascaThe Amazons: The Mysterious World of the Warrior Women
978-965-494-200-3The Encyclopedia of Palmistry
2005978-965-494-201-0Rosemary Brant · Amitov Katz · K. D. SamdupeThe Tibetan Book of the Dead: The Cornerstone of Tibetan Thought (Cornerstone of . . . Series)
978-965-494-202-7Cat Magic: Cat Stories and Fables Throughout History
2005978-965-494-203-4Rephael YedidyaKabbala and Dream Interpretation
  ''978-965-494-204-1Sara AvinunRising from the Abyss: An Adult's Struggle with Her Trauma as a Child in the Holocaust
  ''978-965-494-205-8Ashikaga Yoshiharu · Rosemary BrantZen Teachings: The Way to the Top (Cornerstone of . . . Series)
2006978-965-494-206-5Rosemary BrantYang Chu's Garden of Pleasure: The Philosophy of Individuality (Cornerstone of . . . Series)
2006978-965-494-207-2Tom PearsonTelepathy: How to Use Your Power of ESP
  ''978-965-494-208-9Bret NortonErotica Around the World
978-965-494-209-6The Kabbala's 101 Remedies: How to Bring Good Luck
2006978-965-494-210-2Rosemary BrantDhammapada: The Cornerstone of Buddhism (Cornerstone of . . . Series)
978-965-494-211-9More Erotica Around the World
2006978-965-494-212-6Rosemary BrantWisdom of the Huainan Masters: A Cornerstone of Chinese Thought (Cornerstone of . . . Series)
  ''978-965-494-213-3Ashikaga Yoshiharu · Rosemary BrantZen Wisdom: The Way to the Top (Cornerstone of . . . Series)
  ''978-965-494-214-0Shoshana BrickmanFemale Samurai Geisha Courtesans: The Hidden Lives of Japan's Glorious Women
  ''978-965-494-215-7   ''Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam
2006978-965-494-216-4Francesco PioSearching For The Bull: Ten Zen Enlightenment Scenes
  ''978-965-494-217-1Rosemary BrantTaoist Teachings: The Wisdom of Chuang Tzu (Cornerstone of . . .)
  ''978-965-494-218-8Rephael YedidyahKabbala For Couples: Spiritual Guidance for Increasing Intimacy
2009978-965-494-219-5Frank PioThe 5 Tas: The Art of Tibetan Yoga
2007978-965-494-220-1Anthony H. DuvalStay Young Through Yoga: The Secrets of Avatara Yoga
978-965-494-221-8Palm Reading for a Busy Life Style
978-965-494-222-5Dream Interpretations According to My Mother: Understanding Our Lives Through Our Dreams
978-965-494-223-2The Nameless Tao
2012978-965-494-350-5Baltazar GracianLiving the Prudent Life: The Timeless Wisdom of Baltazar Gracian
2014978-965-494-351-2Gili WeintraubMy Evolution: An Amazing Journey from Zero to Hero
  ''978-965-494-352-9Dov BahatNefertiti: A Novel: When Nefertiti, the Egyptian Queen, Met the American General "Ike" Eisenhower
  ''978-965-494-353-6Israel ZamirTurn Off the Sun: A Novel
2014978-965-494-354-3Elizabetha LevinCelestial Twins: The Codes of Destiny
2015978-965-494-364-2Ilana LederfeindInsult: Heart to Heart Stories
  ''978-965-494-365-9N. B. ButtercupCleoparda & Lovers: An Enjoyable Experience
  ''978-965-494-366-6Israel ZamirJourney to My Father, Isaac Bashevis Singer
  ''978-965-494-367-3Bilha KalisherMissing!: Where Did Dov Sadeh Go?
1998978-965-494-405-2Lia RobinDay by Day Numerology