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2012978-965-493-628-6Otiyot Kotvot [Unknown Binding] by Irit Talmud
聽 ''978-965-493-639-2Mosheh Bar-AsherLeshonot Rishonim: Studies in the Language of the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls & Aramaic (Hebrew Edition)
聽 ''978-965-493-668-2Rivka BliboimVerb+ (Hebrew Edition)
2013978-965-493-674-3Itamar KislevOn the Threshold of the Promised Land: The Account of the Preparations for Entering Canaan & the Formation of the Pentateuch (Hebrew Edition)
2012978-965-493-678-1Ephraim MeirLevinas's Jewish Thought: Between Jerusalem and Athens
2013978-965-493-684-2Oded YisraeliTemple Portals: Studies in Aggadah and Midrash in the Zohar
2014978-965-493-686-6James H. CharlesworthMichael MedinaWalking Through the Land of the Bible: Historical 3D Adventure
2013978-965-493-687-3Liora Elias Bar-LevavMekhilta de-Rabbi Shimeon Ben Yohai on the Nezikin Portion: Text, Terms, Sources and Editing (Hebrew Edition)
聽 ''978-965-493-689-7Moshe ShnerIn the Beginning There Was the Holocaust: A Spiritual Journey Back into the Abysses of Jewish History
聽 ''978-965-493-693-4Ronny MironAngel of Jewish History: The Image of the Jewish Past in the Twentieth Century (Hebrew Edition)
2013978-965-493-695-8Richard S. LewisAnd Before Honor Humility: The Ideal of Humility in the Moral Language of the Sages (Hebrew Edition)
2014978-965-493-697-2Yossi Ben-ArtziMount Carmel of Graf von Mulinen (Hebrew Edition)
2013978-965-493-699-6Dov LevinHistorian's Testimony: A Collection of Oral History Abstracts
聽 ''978-965-493-701-6David ShulmanMeditations on Authority
聽 ''978-965-493-703-0Guy G. StroumsaLa Fin Du Sacrifice: Religious Transformations in Late Antiquity (Hebrew Edition)
聽 ''978-965-493-705-4Rachel EliorYoram BiluYair ZakovitchAvigdor ShinanFleeting Dreams & Possessive Dybbuks: On Dreams & Possession in Jewish & Other Cultures (Hebrew Edition)
2014978-965-493-713-9Shani Bar-OnWeaving Community: Labour in Ofakim, 1955-1981 (Hebrew Edition)
2013978-965-493-715-3Emmanuel LevinasDe Dieu qui vient a l'idee: Of God who comes to mind [Paperback] by Emmanuel ...
2014978-965-493-717-7Shimrit PeledThe Israeli Sovereign: The Novel and the Discourse 1967-1973 (Hebrew Edition)
2015978-965-493-719-1Human Choice: Biblical Narrative and the Drama of Choice (Hebrew Edition)
2013978-965-493-723-8Tal Kogman'Maskilim' in the Sciences: Jewish Scientific Education in the German-speaking Sphere in Modern Times (Hebrew Edition)
2014978-965-493-725-2Daniel BlatmanConflicting Histories and Coexistence: New Perspectives on the Jewish-Polish Encounter (Hebrew Edition)
聽 ''978-965-493-727-6David GolanSOLDIERS CAESARS
2013978-965-493-733-7Gal VenturaCrying over Spilt Milk: Breastfeeding and its substitutes in 19th century Fre...
2013978-965-493-735-1Yael KaduriEar Sees, Eye Hears: On the Interconnections between Sound and Picture in Art
2014978-965-493-737-5Willy CohnIn the Talons of the Third Reich: Willy Cohn's Diary 1933-1941 (Hebrew Edition)
聽 ''978-965-493-739-9DWORA GILULASTRATEGEMATA Frontinus
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2015978-965-493-763-4Margalit BejaranoThe The Jewish Community of Cuba: Memory and History
2014978-965-493-767-2Robert BrodyMishna and Tosefta Studies
2014978-965-493-769-6Michal EphrattWhen Silence Speaks: Silence as Verbal Means of Expression from a Linguistic Point of View (Hebrew Edition)
2015978-965-493-771-9Among Radiant Clouds: The Literature of Vladimir (Ze'ev) Jabotinsky in Its Social Context
聽 ''978-965-493-775-7Arie KrampfThe National Origins of the Market Economy: Economic Developmentalism During the Formation of the Israeli Capitalism (Hebrew Edition)
2014978-965-493-777-1Nathan RotenstreichThe The National and the Individul Being (Hebrew Edition)
聽 ''978-965-493-783-2Michael PsellosThe Chronographia: The Lives of Eleven Emperors and Three Empresses in Constantinople (Hebrew Edition)
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