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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-965-478-020-9Holy Land Mosaic: Life of Jesus Story of the Holy Land City of Jerusalem
2000978-965-478-021-6Doko Media Ltd.Holy Land Journey (English and Spanish Edition)
1998978-965-478-022-3In the Footsteps of Jesus
  ''978-965-478-023-0The Holy Land [VHS]
978-965-478-024-7Armageddon - The Return of the Messiah DVD Movie - Christian Day of Judgment
1998978-965-478-025-4The Messiah - God's Plan for Peace - Jesus Miraculous Journey [VHS]
  ''978-965-478-026-1Temple of Jerusalem [VHS]
  ''978-965-478-027-8Christmas Experience in the Holy Land [VHS]
  ''978-965-478-028-5Journeys of St. Paul [VHS]
1998978-965-478-029-2Holy Land Journey [VHS]
  ''978-965-478-030-8The Last Supper [VHS]
1993978-965-478-031-5Jerusalem The Gates of Time
978-965-478-032-2Seven Keys to Jewish Life DVD Movie - The Shabbat, Kosher, Chanukah, Shofar, Mezuzah, Tfilin & Tzedakah
978-965-478-034-6Reuven DorotClear Skies - The Story of the Israeli Air Force
1998978-965-478-035-3Follow Me: The Story of The Six Day War [VHS]
978-965-478-036-0Yom Kippur War DVD
978-965-478-038-4GevatronIsraeli Folk Dances
1994978-965-478-039-1Codeword Viper - Israel In The Gulf War
978-965-478-040-7Unlocking the Bible Codes
1998978-965-478-042-1Sea of Galilee: Majesty & Miracles [VHS]
978-965-478-043-8Treasure Chest of Jewish Knowledge: 3 Program Collection: Cd ROM Bible, Book of Legends, All About Judaism
978-965-478-044-5All About Judaism
1995978-965-478-045-2Isaac E. MozensonThe Word - The Hebrew Origin of English
978-965-478-046-9Wars of Israel DVD
978-965-478-047-6Biblical Production LTD. JerusalemDead Sea Scrolls [VHS]
978-965-478-048-3Amos Barzel & Orly BinderPassover Songs
978-965-478-049-0Amos BarzelSounds of Israel
978-965-478-050-6   ''Emotions Beautiful Melodies
978-965-478-051-3   ''I Love Israel Music CD
978-965-478-052-0Sarah Vardina CohenROSH HASHANA SONGS CD
978-965-478-053-7Holy Land Journey - Narration in 7 Languages
2005978-965-478-054-4Don AchenThe Holy Land Of Jesus
978-965-478-055-1Amos Barzel & Orly BinderChanukah Celebration CD
2008978-965-478-056-8David H. Stern · Jonathan SettelThe Jewish New Testament
978-965-478-058-2Kenneth Eriksen · Elizabeth & Robert Mure · Ehud ManorThe Covenant - The Story of My People Musical DVD Movie
978-965-478-059-9DiverseIsrael - The most popular songs of all times
978-965-478-060-5Israel Movie
2007978-965-478-061-2Yaffa Yarkoni, Gevatron and more... DudaimSongs from the Bible
2000978-965-478-062-9Unlocking the Bible Codes: The Key to Cracking the Bible's Hidden Secrets on Your PC
978-965-478-063-6Boris SavchukJewish Violin Soul Music
978-965-478-064-3Jewish Roots of Jesus
978-965-478-066-7Hebrew WorldJewish Weddings Hits
978-965-478-067-4Giora Feidman & othersKlezmer - Chassidic Classic
978-965-478-068-1Hebrew WorldSong of Songs
2006978-965-478-069-8Merv & MarlaJewish Holiday Songs
978-965-478-071-1Hebrew WorldJewish Holiday Songs
2013978-965-478-083-4I Love the Holy Land Book (Yo amo la Tierra Santa / Yo amo a Jesus) including the awarded "The Holy Land" DVD (Both in Spanish)
  ''978-965-478-086-5I Love the Holy Land (I love Jesus, Book) including the awarded "The Holy Land" DVD