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978-965-459-007-5Deterrence in the Middle East: Where theory and practice converge
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  ''978-965-459-010-5Dore GoldUS forces on the Golan Heights and Israeli-Syrian security arrangements (Memorandum)
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1994978-965-459-012-9The Middle East Military Balance 1993-1994
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1995978-965-459-016-7Shlomo GazitThe Palestinian refugee problem (Final status issues, Israel-Palestinians)
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1997978-965-459-027-3   ''Israeli public opinion on national security, 1997 (JCSS memorandum)
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2004978-965-459-057-0Daniel SobelmanNew Rules of the Game: Israel and Hizbollah After the Withdrawal from Lebanon
2005978-965-459-065-5Yoran Schweitzer · Sari Goldstein FerberAl Qaeda and the Internationalization of Suicide Terrorism (Al-Qaeda, Memorandum 78)
2006978-965-459-066-2Yoram SchweitzerFemale Suicide Bombers: Dying for Equality
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2009978-965-459-478-3Khalil JabranKalam-e-Khalil Jabran

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