year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-965-356-000-0Sam Orbaum 路 David RubingerChaim HerzogISRAEL -- NEVER A DULL MOMENT: The Amusing, Poignant and Memorable Stories Behind the Headlines (of The Jerusalem Post, 1948 - 1988).
聽 ''978-965-356-002-4Meron BenvenistiThe West Bank and Gaza atlas
聽 ''978-965-356-003-1Miriam AradRandomalia
1989978-965-356-004-8JCSS Study Group.The West Bank and Gaza: Israel's options for peace: report of a JCSS study group
聽 ''978-965-356-005-5JCSS Study GroupIsrael, the West Bank, and Gaza: Toward a Aolution: Report of a JCSS Study Group
聽 ''978-965-356-006-2David GrossmanThe impact of regional road construction on land use in the West Bank
1989978-965-356-009-3Anat KurzInter: International Terrorism in 1988
聽 ''978-965-356-010-9Meron BenvenistiThe shepherds' war: Collected essays (1981-1989)
1990978-965-356-014-7Technology and strategy: Future trends (Publications of the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University)
聽 ''978-965-356-015-4Joseph KostinerSouth Yemen's revolutionary strategy, 1970-1985: from insurgency to bloc politics (JCSS study)
聽 ''978-965-356-016-1Anat KurtzInter: International Terrrism in 1989
1991978-965-356-017-8Dore GoldArms control in the Middle East (JCSS study)
1994978-965-356-018-5Joel RoskinA Guide to Hiking in Israel With Forty Selected One-Day Hikes
1991978-965-356-019-2Aryeh ShalevThe Intifada: Causes and Effects
聽 ''978-965-356-020-8Mark HellerThe dynamics of Soviet policy in the Middle East: Between old thinking and new (JCSS study)
1992978-965-356-021-5Shlomo 路 Eytan, Zeev GazitThe Middle East Military Balance 1990-1991
1992978-965-356-022-2War in the Gulf: Implications for Israel: report of a Jaffee Center study group
聽 ''978-965-356-024-6Dore GoldIsrael as an American non-NATO ally: Parameters of defense industrial cooperation in a post-Cold War relationship (JCSS study)
聽 ''978-965-356-025-3Karen L PuschelUS-Israeli strategic cooperation in the post-Cold War era: An American perspective (JCSS study)
1993978-965-356-026-0David Bar-IllanEye on the Media
1994978-965-356-027-7Jerusalem PostFront Page Israel
1996978-965-356-028-4David Bar-IllanOleg in Peaceland: Cartoons by Oleg Schwartzburg
聽 ''978-965-356-030-7Oleg SchwarzburgOleg in Osloland: More Outrageous Cartoons By Oleg Schwarzburg
2000978-965-356-033-8Joel RoskinWaterwalks in Israel: 40 One-Day Walk and Hikes
1996978-965-356-034-5With Prejudice 2 A Further Selection of The 'Jerusalem Post' Column
2001978-965-356-040-6Sam OrbaumEskimos of Jerusalem and Other Extraordinary Israelis

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