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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-964-402-015-5Prophet Muhammad: A brief biography (Basic cultural aspects)
  ''978-964-402-016-2Islamic doctrines simplified (Basic cultural aspects)
  ''978-964-402-017-9The characteristics of a Muslim (Basic cultural aspects)
  ''978-964-402-018-6A Muslim in society (Basic cultural aspects)
  ''978-964-402-019-3Islamic systems (Basic cultural aspects)
1997978-964-402-020-9Al-Balagh Foundation staffThe Moral Concept in Islam
  ''978-964-402-021-6   ''Man And Jahiliyah (Ignorance) & Why Cultural Decay?
  ''978-964-402-028-5Work and production ;: & , Selections on the labor law in Islam (Islamic concepts)
1998978-964-402-038-4Islamic thought (part one & two)
  ''978-964-402-039-1Ahlul-bait in the Qur'an and the prophet's traditions
  ''978-964-402-040-7Guard yourselves and your families ;: A close contemplation of the human self (Islamic lessons)
1998978-964-402-044-5Prophethood (Lessons in Islamic ideology)
1999978-964-402-056-8Glimpses of the lives of the messenger Muhammad and his household
978-964-402-077-3Imam Al-Mahdi (Ahlul-Bait)
978-964-402-093-3The social role of woman (Islamic concepts)