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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-964-367-009-2A. GhanbariRahnama's Dictionary of Maxims and Proverbs: Persian-English
2002978-964-367-012-2Alaeddin PazargadiA Collection of Parvin E'tessami's Poems
1999978-964-367-013-9Street Talk: How to Speak and Understand American Slang - With Persian Explanations v. 1
2004978-964-367-014-6Abdollah GhanbariEnglish Jokes / This Book is intended for FARSI Iranian Readers, English Jokes with key words translated into Persian / FUN BOOK
  ''978-964-367-016-0Abdollah GhanbariEnglish Jokes Book 3 / This Book is intended for Iranian Readers, English Jokes with key words translated into Persian / FUN BOOK for FARSI speakers
2002978-964-367-019-1A. BahramiRahnama Student's English-Persian Dictionary
2000978-964-367-025-2M.H. KesyhavarzDictionary of Lexical Differences Between British and American English
2002978-964-367-027-6alexander hyndman irvineThe English- Persian Dictionary of Synonyms & Antonyms
2003978-964-367-071-9Alaeddin PazargadiThe Poems of Baba Taher Oryan (Bilingual Persian-English)
  ''978-964-367-072-6   ''Selected Quatrains of Omar Khayyam (Bilingual English-Persian)
  ''978-964-367-079-5E. Zare-BehtashI E L T S English-Persian Dictionary
2004978-964-367-084-9mahmood samiee nasrEnglish for All(1-2)
2005978-964-367-113-6A.A. Zolfaghari · A.A. RastrowOxford Elementary Learner's Dictionary: English-English-Persian
  ''978-964-367-159-4Kamrooz ParsaiDiccionario Bilingue Espanol-Persa, Persa-Espanol
2011978-964-367-201-0Alaeddin PazargadiFarsi Asan (Easy Persian) Set of 5 Text books, 1 teacher's Manual and 6 CD's
2008978-964-367-208-9Manouchehr SorkhabiAmerican English Idioms & Conversations
2013978-964-367-334-5S. M. ZiahosseinyContrastive Analysis of Persian and English and Error Analysis
2010978-964-367-381-9Arezu Ahmadi ... Dr. Ibrahim KazemiFrench- Persian Dictionary (Farang Aryaee Faranse- Farsi Rahnama)
2012978-964-367-492-2Seyyed Abbas MousaviAn Encyclopedic Dictionary of Language Testing (Fifth Edition)
2013978-964-367-508-0Hossein TavakoliA Dictionary of Research Methodology and Statistics in Applied Linguistics
2013978-964-367-534-9Hossein TavakoliA Dictionary of Language Acquisition: A Comprehensive Overview of Key Terms in First and Second Language Acquisition
2014978-964-367-560-8Kamrooz ParsaiDiccionario Español-Persa/Persa-Español