year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-963-9419-26-1Gabor Peteri · Tamas HorvathNavigation to the Market: Regulation and Competition of Public Utilities in Central and Eastern Europe
2003978-963-9419-32-2K DaveyBalancing National and Local Responsibilities: Education Management and Finance in Four Central European Countries (Local Government Policy Partnership)
  ''978-963-9419-34-6Katalin TauszThe Impact of Decentralization on Social Policy
  ''978-963-9419-35-3Kenneth DaveyFiscal Autonomy and Efficiency: Reforms in the Former Soviet Union (Lgi Fellowship Studies)
  ''978-963-9419-36-0Gabor Soos · Gabor Toka · Glen WrightThe State of Local Democracy in Central Europe (General)
  ''978-963-9419-37-7Gerard Marcou · G Morcou · G MarcouRegionalization for Development and Accession to the European Union: A Comparative Perspective (Lgi Fellowship Studies)
2003978-963-9419-38-4Valery TishkovLocal Governance and Minority Empowerment in the CIS (Managing Multiethnic Communities Program)
  ''978-963-9419-40-7Kinga GalMinority Governance in Europe (Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues)
  ''978-963-9419-42-1R. J. Struyk · Raymond J. StruykManaging Think Tanks: Practical Guidance for Maturing Organizations
  ''978-963-9419-43-8Mihaly HogyeLocal Government Budgeting
  ''978-963-9419-45-2Pawel SwianiewiczConsolidation or Fragmentation?: The Size of Local Governments in Central Europe (Local Government Initiative)
2003978-963-9419-46-9Martin LuxHousing Policy: An End or New Begining?
2004978-963-9419-47-6Gabor Peteri · G PeteriFrom Usage to Ownership: Transfer of Public Property to Local Governments in Central Europe
  ''978-963-9419-49-0Katalin Pallai · K PallaiThe Budapest Model: A Liberal Urban Policy Experiment
  ''978-963-9419-50-6Barbara KudryckaCombating Conflict of Interest in the Cee Countries (Local Government Policy Partnership)
  ''978-963-9419-51-3Pawe SwianiewiczLocal Government Borrowing: Risks and Rewards
  ''978-963-9419-53-7toggenburgMinority Protection and the Enlarged Europen Union
2005978-963-9419-54-4Gabor Soos · Violetta ZentaiFaces of Local Democracy (Comparative Papers from Central and Eastern Europe)
2003978-963-9419-56-8Claudia PamfilEvolving Intergovernmental Relations for Effective Development in the Context of Regionalization (LGI Fellowship)
2004978-963-9419-58-2Farimah Daftary · Franois GrinNation-Building Ethnicity and Language Politics in Transition Countries
2004978-963-9419-59-9Kenneth DaveyInvesting in Regional Development: Policies and Practices in EU Candidate Countries
978-963-9419-60-5Mastering Decentralization and Public Administration Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe
2004978-963-9419-61-2Pawel SwianiewiczPublic Perception of Local Governments (Open Society Institute)
  ''978-963-9419-62-9Gabor Peteri · Tamas M. HorvathNavigation to the Market: Regulation and Copetition in Local Utilities in Central and Eastern Europe
2003978-963-9419-63-6Katalin TauszImpact of Decentralization on Social Policy (Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative)
2004978-963-9419-69-8Petra Kovacs · Nenad DimitrijevicManaging Hatred and Distrust: The Prognosis for Post-Conflict Settlement in Multiethnic Communities of the Former Yugoslavia
  ''978-963-9419-75-9Monica Robotin · Levente SalatA New Balance: Democracy and Minorities in Post-Communist Europe (Managing Multiethnic Communities Program)
  ''978-963-9419-78-0Péter RadóDecentralization and the Governance of Education: The State of Education Systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland and Romania
2005978-963-9419-81-0Decentralization in Healthcare: Analyses and Experiences in Central and Eastern Europe in the 1990s
2006978-963-9419-99-5Timea JunghausMeet Your Neighbors: Contemporary Roma Art from Europe

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