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2001978-963-9155-00-8Johann Sebastian BachJ. S. Bach: Concertos (Music Scores)
2000978-963-9155-01-5Johann Sebastian BachPhantasien (Music Scores)
  ''978-963-9155-02-2   ''Bach: Individual Piano Pieces I
  ''978-963-9155-03-9   ''Bach: Individual Piano Pieces II
2001978-963-9155-04-6   ''Bach: The Art of the Fugue
2000978-963-9155-05-3Koenemann IncGuitar - Renaissance Lute
1999978-963-9155-06-0Mauro GiulianiVariations (English and German Edition)
2000978-963-9155-07-7Koenemann IncMilan: Complete Solo Works for Guitar- El Maestro (1536), Vol. 1
  ''978-963-9155-08-4Guitar Music 4
  ''978-963-9155-09-1Robert de ViseeGuitar Music 5
2000978-963-9155-10-7Guitar Music 8
  ''978-963-9155-12-1Guitar Music 10
  ''978-963-9155-13-8Guitar Music 11
  ''978-963-9155-14-5Guitar Music 12
2001978-963-9155-19-0Antonin DvorakDvorak: Complete Piano Works I (Music Scores)
  ''978-963-9155-20-6Antonin DvorakDvorak: Complete Piano Works II
2001978-963-9155-21-3Antonin DvorakDvorak: Complete Piano Works III
1999978-963-9155-22-0Koenemann IncOh, When the Saints go Marchin' In and other popular American Songs for Pianoes)
2000978-963-9155-23-7   ''Grieg: Complete Piano Works I (Music Scores)
2000978-963-9155-24-4Koenemann Inc19th Century Russian Composers I: Borodin, Cui and Rimski-K
2001978-963-9155-25-1   ''19th Century Russian Composers II: Borodin Cui and Rimski-K
2000978-963-9155-29-9   ''American Songs V (Music Scores)
1999978-963-9155-30-5Peter Ilich TchaikovskyFavourite Ballet Classics I: For Piano/Fur Klavier/Pour Piano
978-963-9155-31-2Favorite Ballet Classics II: Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker
2001978-963-9155-32-9Johann Sebastian BachBach: Spiritual Songs
2000978-963-9155-38-1   ''Step by Step: J.S. Bach, 20 Piano Pieces
978-963-9155-39-8160 Short Studies (Op. 821) (Favourite Piano Studies)
2000978-963-9155-40-4LjadovLjadov: Complete Piano Works I (Music Scores)
  ''978-963-9155-41-1   ''Ljadov: Complete Piano Works II (Music Scores)
2001978-963-9155-42-8Nikolai Tolstoi · Victor Yekimovsky · Anatoly LyadovLyadov: Complete Works III (Music Scores)
978-963-9155-43-5Complete Works Samtliche Werke Oeuvres Completes Iv
2001978-963-9155-45-9Koenemann IncArensky: Complete Piano Works I
1999978-963-9155-50-3Wolfgang Amadeus MozartMozart, Piano Solo Complete Edition: 2 Vol. Boxed Set
978-963-9155-53-4Beethoven, 32 Piano Sonatas: Music Scores
1999978-963-9155-56-5Ludwig Van BeethovenBeethoven, Variations: Music Scores
  ''978-963-9155-57-2Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Pieces (Music Scores)
  ''978-963-9155-58-9Ludwig Van BeethovenBeethoven, Piano Solo, Complete Edition: 4 Vol. Boxed Set
978-963-9155-59-6Das wohltemperierte Klavier I and II
1999978-963-9155-60-2Johann Sebastian BachBach, Piano Exercises I-IV: Music Scores
1999978-963-9155-61-9Johann Sebastian BachBach: English & French Suites
978-963-9155-62-6Bach, Inventions and Little Preludes: Music Scores
1999978-963-9155-63-3Joseph HaydnHaydn, Piano Solo, Complete Edition: 2 Vol. Boxed Set
2003978-963-9155-64-0Joseph HaydnSämtliche Klavierwerke =: Complete piano works = Oeuvres complètes pour piano: Urtext
  ''978-963-9155-65-7   ''Sämtliche Klavierwerke =: Complete piano works = Oeuvres complètes pour piano: Urtext
1999978-963-9155-66-4   ''Sämtliche Klavierwerke =: Complete piano works = Oeuvres complètes pour piano: Urtext
  ''978-963-9155-67-1Johannes BrahmsBrahms: Piano Solo
2000978-963-9155-70-1Peter WolfO Sole Mio and Other Popular Italian Songs
978-963-9155-72-5Max RegerReger: Complete Works I
978-963-9155-73-2Johann Sebastian BachBach: Kantaten I
2001978-963-9155-74-9MENDELSSOHNBach: Kantaten II
978-963-9155-75-6Johann Sebastian BachBach: Kantaten III
978-963-9155-76-3   ''Bach: Kantaten VI
978-963-9155-77-0   ''Bach: Kantaten V
1999978-963-9155-80-0Johann Sebastian BachBach: Christ lag in Todesbanden, BWV 4 (Vocal Score, SATB and soloists with keyboard reduction)
2001978-963-9155-81-7Joseph HaydnMissa in Angustiis: Nelsonmesse
978-963-9155-82-4Pergolesi: Stabat Mater
1999978-963-9155-83-1Johannes BrahmsBrahms: BD 1
2000978-963-9155-84-8   ''Brahms: Klavierstucke, Piano Pieces (K. 116, 190 & 191)
1999978-963-9155-85-5Johann Sebastian BachEin feste Burg ist unser Gott, Klavierauszug
978-963-9155-86-2   ''Johann Sebastian Bach: Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme.
978-963-9155-87-9   ''Johann Sebastian Bach: Ich will den Kreuzstab gerne tragen.
1999978-963-9155-88-6   ''Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis, Klavierauszug
1999978-963-9155-89-3Johann Sebastian BachWeinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen, Klavierauszug
978-963-9155-90-9   ''Johann Sebastian Bach: Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht; Kaffeekantate.
978-963-9155-91-6Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet, Klavierauszug
978-963-9155-92-3Piano Solo Complete Edition
1999978-963-9155-93-0Edvard GriegPiano Solo Complete Edition, 3 Bde.
978-963-9155-96-1Piano Solo Complete Edition: