year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2014978-963-12-0007-2Bertalan MeskóThe Guide to the Future of Medicine (Colored Version): Technology AND The Human Touch
2005978-963-12-0256-4Christophe GuichardLe xylothon Volume 1 . Nouvelle Edition 2005 + CD
2015978-963-12-0646-3Adam J. JacksonAz Igazi Egeszseg 10 Titka
2014978-963-12-0717-0Károly MéhesGilles Villeneuve, His untold life from Berthierville to Zolder
2015978-963-12-0997-6Vince VarroMy Twentieth Century Jewish personal history from Central Europe
  ''978-963-12-1853-4C.M. RayneThe Forbidden Land of Andara (Volume 1)
  ''978-963-12-2126-8Maja Fowkes · Reuben FowkesRiver Ecologies: Contemporary Art and Environmental Humanities on the Danube
978-963-12-2139-8Zauber der Aphorismen
2015978-963-12-2551-8Budapest battlefield guide 1944-1945
  ''978-963-12-2626-3Ms eva K deliThe Science of consciousness: How a new understanding of space and time infers the evolution of the mind
  ''978-963-12-2627-0Ms eva k deliThe Science of Consciousness: How a New Understanding of Space and Time Infers the Evolution of the Mind
2015978-963-12-2889-2(H). Muraközy HenrietteMeSaCoSa Triumph der Gesundheit
  ''978-963-12-3336-0Nurit OrenTHE BLIND LEADING THE BLONDE ON THE ROAD TO FREEDOM: Confessions of a Recovering Spiritual Junkie
2000978-963-12-3636-1Farrah Karamat RajaAhmad Rafique Akhtar Mystery Behind The Mystic
1992978-963-12-5024-4Fiorillo · VielandFiorillo 31 Studies Viola Solo . International Music n° 970
978-963-12-5521-8A New Devil's Dictionary: Lexicon for Contrarians
2014978-963-12-7142-3Adeel NiazTeen Times (February 2013)
  ''978-963-12-7351-9Farhat Abbas ShahRog
  ''978-963-12-9681-5Nighat AbdullahDil Phoolon Ki Basti

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