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1998978-962-936-004-7India Power Projects: Regulation, Policy and Finance (Vol 2)
  ''978-962-936-008-5IP Protection in China: Practical Strategies
  ''978-962-936-009-2Peter Chong · Paul Davies · Frances Drummond · Lindsay Esler · Rembert Meyer-Rochow · Paul Scholefield · Annie Tsoi · David Ben KayIP Protection in China: The Law
  ''978-962-936-023-8Donald J. LewisChina Investment Manual
  ''978-962-936-025-2Trade Finance Strategies for the PRC
1998978-962-936-033-7The Asia law guide to mergers & acquisitions: The definitive guide to global strategic direct investment for Asian companies (Asia law)
  ''978-962-936-035-1Howard GenslerChina Tax and Accounting Manual
2000978-962-936-036-8Securitisation: Principles, Markets and Terms
1998978-962-936-039-9Funding the Future
  ''978-962-936-041-2China Finance Manual
  ''978-962-936-044-3The Barclay's Capital Guide to Private Equity in Asia
  ''978-962-936-046-7Beena Sorab · Tony Merna · Raghvendra DubeyFinancial Engineering in the Procurement of Projects
978-962-936-047-4Merna · DubeyFinancial Engineering in the Procurement of Projects
1999978-962-936-051-1The Compliance Handbook
1998978-962-936-052-8Benedict RogersCompetitive Rewarding: The Essential Business Guide to Compensation and Benefits in Hong Kong and the PRC
1999978-962-936-054-2Leading Lawyers: 1999
1999978-962-936-055-9Beena Sorab · Benedict RogersClp Power China Business Guide: Project Finance Models for Greater China
  ''978-962-936-057-3Beena SorabPower Project Documentation
  ''978-962-936-058-0Managing for Growth
  ''978-962-936-059-7Beena SorabChina Employment and Benefits Handbook
  ''978-962-936-060-3IP Profiles: 1999
1999978-962-936-061-0Japan - Now Open for Business
  ''978-962-936-062-7Benedict Rogers · Benedict RodgersThe Definitive Guide to the Regions's Leading HR Service Providers
  ''978-962-936-064-1Shengming Wang · Cai Rongwei · Melinda LeeAn Insider's Guide to the PRC, Contract Law
  ''978-962-936-065-8Sed CrestThe China Patient
  ''978-962-936-066-5Asia Law & Practice Ltd. · Clark T. Randt JrObtaining PRC Approvals for Foreign Investment Enterprises and Infrastructure Projects
1999978-962-936-067-2Localization in China: Best Practice
978-962-936-068-9China Solutions
2000978-962-936-069-6Michael J. MoserChina Troubleshooter
1999978-962-936-070-2Beena Sorab · Benedict RogersAsian Revival
  ''978-962-936-071-9Scheib. Nick · Richard Meyer · Sed CrestAsialaw Profiles: 2000
2000978-962-936-072-6Honourable Shri Jaswant SinghThe New India - Opportunities for Foreign Investment (A Euromoney publication)
  ''978-962-936-073-3Andrew L.T. ShengChina 2000 - Emerging Investment, Funding and Advisory Opportunities for a new China
  ''978-962-936-074-0K.C. KwongE Commerce Asia: Cyber Strategies for Asia's Multi-Jurisdictional Environment
  ''978-962-936-076-4Asia's Leading Lawyers: 2000
2000978-962-936-077-1The E-guide: Defining the New
  ''978-962-936-078-8IP Profiles: 2000
  ''978-962-936-079-5J. Roger DecaveleChina Staff Training and Development Manual
  ''978-962-936-080-1John DeaconSecuritisation: Principles, Markets and Terms
978-962-936-081-8Life and Death of a Dotcom in China
978-962-936-082-5New Project Finance in Asia
978-962-936-085-6The Human Resources Directory
2000978-962-936-086-3Lawrence JefferyChina's Wired!
  ''978-962-936-087-0Building Value in Asia
2000978-962-936-088-7David PackerChina WTO: Shaping the Future
978-962-936-089-4AsiaLaw Profiles 2001
2000978-962-936-090-0David PackerIT India - Investment Opportunities, business strategies
2002978-962-936-091-7Rebecca BeatonThe Asian Recruitment Handbook
2000978-962-936-092-4Ralph CunninghamDeacons' Guide to Telecommunications in Asia
2001978-962-936-093-1   ''IP Asia Patent Yearbook 2001
  ''978-962-936-094-8   ''Asian E-volution - Business In The New Economic Climate
  ''978-962-936-095-5   ''IP Profiles 2001
  ''978-962-936-096-2David PackerLeading Lawyers Survey 2001
  ''978-962-936-098-6China's Top 200: 2001
2001978-962-936-100-6Jay TurnerAsia Law Profiles: 2002
2002978-962-936-103-7EuromoneyDoing Business with India Investment Regulations & Commercial Strategies a Euromoney Institutional Investor Publication
  ''978-962-936-104-4Jonathon SeifmanIP Profile 2002
  ''978-962-936-105-1Arjun SubrahmanyanAsia's Leading Lawyers 2002
  ''978-962-936-106-8Arjun SubahmanyanLaw Firms in Greater China 2002
  ''978-962-936-107-5Jonathon SeifmanThe Human Resources Directory 2002/2003
2005978-962-936-142-6Darrell WrightReits (Real Estate Investment Trusts) in Asia: from Concept to Completion
2014978-962-936-715-2Ubaid Ullah Tariq DarJadoo Jinnat Kay Sarbasta Raz