year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-962-8969-11-1BEN SHE.YI MINGWhy am I a boy(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8969-14-2WANG ZAO ZAOWhy I am a girl(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8969-15-9CAO LU YANEveryone together: let the children learn to cooperate story(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8969-16-6   ''I promise you: let the children learn and trustworthy story(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8969-17-3   ''Happy to do: let the children learn to recognize their own stories(Chinese Edition)
2000978-962-8969-18-0CAO LU YANHold on a moment: let the children learn to persevere story(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8969-19-7   ''There is always the story: let the children learn to be independent(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8969-20-3YANG JI LIYou warm. I was warm: let the children learn to share the story of(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8969-21-0CAO LU YANDo not feel bad: let the children learn the stories of caring(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8969-40-1Trace MoroneyHairy happy: happy culture of caring and trust energy(Chinese Edition)
2000978-962-8969-41-8Trace MoroneyThe Maomao want to love: training safe and warm energy of happiness(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8969-42-5   ''The plush goodness: cultivate peace treat all energy(Chinese Edition)
2000978-962-8969-43-2Trace MoroneyThe Maomao not sad: cultivate honest with strong energy(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8969-44-9   ''Maomao not afraid of loneliness: learning does not rely on an independent energy(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8969-45-6   ''Plush jealousy: meet energy for learning and sharing(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8969-46-3   ''Plush not be afraid: learn to overcome the fear of the security of energy(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8969-47-0   ''The plush angry: learning impulse control communication energy(Chinese Edition)
2000978-962-8969-67-8TANG YUNI want my teeth: Huanya knowledge learning(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8969-68-5TANG YUNI do not want to sleep: brave and independent learning(Chinese Edition)
2000978-962-8969-70-8TANG YUNI'm not a dirty child: learning good health habits(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8969-71-5   ''I come from: the physiological cognitive learning(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-962-8969-72-2   ''My baby: the qualities of learning(Chinese Edition)