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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-962-8734-00-9Homestyle Indonesian Cooking
978-962-8734-01-6NAQuick & Easy Sushi and Sashimi
2000978-962-8734-02-3Periplus EditorsChina Travel Map 2nd Edition (Comprehensive Country Maps)
  ''978-962-8734-03-0Periplus EditorsBeijing Travel Map 2nd Edition (China Regional Maps)
  ''978-962-8734-04-7   ''Shanghai Travel Map 2nd Edition (China Regional Maps)
2001978-962-8734-17-7William Warren · Luca Invernizzi TettoniBalinese Gardens
2006978-962-8734-20-7NASpicy Sichuan Cooking
  ''978-962-8734-21-4Spicy Padang Cooking
2000978-962-8734-22-1AnonFast Asian
2004978-962-8734-23-8John Joseph Stockdale · John BastinIsland of Java (Periplus Classics Series)
978-962-8734-24-5Indonesian Cakes and Desserts
978-962-8734-38-2Asian Noodles
2002978-962-8734-40-5Kochen und Geniessen wie in Bali
  ''978-962-8734-41-2Kochen und Geniessen wie in Indonesien
978-962-8734-42-9Kochen und Genießen wie in Vietnam
2002978-962-8734-45-0Tanistha · Freeman, Michael DansilpThings Thai Crafts & Collectibles
978-962-8734-46-7Anne WilsonAuthentic Thai Recipes
2000978-962-8734-47-4Asian Vegetarian Recipes (Periplus Mini Cookbooks)
978-962-8734-48-1Sizzling Wok (Periplus Mini Cookbook)
2002978-962-8734-49-8NAPrawns - 50 Fabulous Recipes (Periplus Mini Cookbook)
978-962-8734-53-5New Style Salads (Periplus Mini Cookbook)
978-962-8734-54-2Cocktails and Party Drinks (Periplus Mini Cookbook)
2002978-962-8734-57-3Favourite Everyday Dinners (Periplus Mini Cookbooks)
2000978-962-8734-60-3Jane Doughty Wongvipa Devahastin Na Ayudhya · MarsdenContemporary Thai: Style - Interiors - Decoating Ideas
978-962-8734-61-0NAPasta Favourites (Periplus Mini Cookbook)
2002978-962-8734-64-1Simple Stir-fries (Periplus Mini Cookbook)
2013978-962-8734-65-8Bikram Gewal · Bill Harvey · Otto PfisterPhotographic Guide to the Birds of Sri Lanka & India
2002978-962-8734-68-9NAChicken Favourites Cookbook
978-962-8734-81-8DEVAHASTIN NA AYUDHYA & INTAKULModern Thai Living